What might we see through the other’s eyes?

low-level view along a green path with trees either side

Meditating on my mossy perch, I wasn’t ready and waiting with my camera… BORROWED EYES It’s a strange sensation,being observed.Who is looking at who?What are we sizing up,me and this squirrel. Then branch to branch,tracing invisible pathsin thin air, whereI couldn’t haveimagined a way. What if I borrowedyour eyes? + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more

Getting to the heart of it

spiders webs catching the light in a woodland clearing

There are some things you can only see in a certain light. Like the spider’s webs draped on dewy grass in the early morning. Later in the day, when the sun has been at work, you won’t notice them. Unless you feel the web catching your bare ankles. So with soul. It’s there all the … Read more

Noticing beauty in the everyday

striking image of a miniature red acer in sunlight after rain

Why do we think beauty is reserved for extraordinary places or special occasions? Rather than being hidden in plain sight. As Marcel Proust commented: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with fresh eyes.” Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Sometimes, it’s just so simple


When you’ve been tussling with something for a long time, you wonder if you’ll ever reach the end. And then something happens. A word or comment. An insight. Simply seeing it from another angle. And there it is. The answer is in plain sight. Yet it wasn’t in plain sight. It wasn’t that we’ve been … Read more

On being open to possibilities


I’m not sure how open we can be if our minds are full and our diary is back to back. Possibilities, by their nature, are things that are not yet. They have an element of imagination. And hope weaves through them like a thread of gold which we only see in a particular light. The … Read more

Out of the corner of my eye


What do we see out of the corner of our eyes? It’s certainly not something we are focused on, that has our attention. Yet, the ‘other’ is enough to be noticed, even though we weren’t looking for it. And often, it has something to say to us. If we will stop and listen. I wonder … Read more

Being open to seeing with fresh eyes


‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes.’ + Marcel Proust Our eyes are amazing. And what we notice isn’t what we see. Indeed, if our brains processed all that falls on our retina, we would be completely overwhelmed. We simply wouldn’t be able to function. … Read more

How far can you see?


I suspect there is a limit to your physical sight. There certainly is to mine! And it depends on our vantage point. However, I also wonder if we can see further with the eyes of our hearts. And perhaps that’s what will serve us better in the coming days.

Hidden in what the heart reveals


Just walking bya leafin early autumnsunlight,more gloriousthan acrown. Extravagantbeauty inplain sight,patientlywaitingto benoticed Who are we,and whatare we bearinghiddenbeneaththe layersof love?

Beauty in the dark places


Is there beauty in dark places? In the worn-out, torn down recesses where truth has been trampled? Perhaps it depends on what we think we are looking for and which eyes we are using. Because hidden inside is always life, and life is magnificent. Beauty likes neglected places … In its real sense, beauty is … Read more