Being open to awe

View across the lake at low level with rippled reflections across the water

I don’t think we can manufacture awe. Instead, it’s a heart orientation. An openness to being enveloped by the transcendent, something that is far bigger than us. Catching a glimpse out of the corner of our eye and widening our gaze to be astonished. Being enlarged in the seeing. Feasting with the eyes of our … Read more

Some things only you see just now…

Dark sky with rainbow colours on the horizon below the cloud

It’s unlikely anyone else saw this glorious splash of colour across the valley on Tuesday. I was the only one there on the other hillside after feeding the boys. It was during the day, so it wasn’t the remnant of the solar flare or northern lights. And I still don’t know what it was, but … Read more

Speaking of frost…

Frost covered grasses

Some days, something catches my eye and takes my breath away. Like yesterday, when the sub-zero temperature combined with a shaft of sunlight penetrating the mist hovering over the lake. That was amazing by itself. And then I saw the delicate dusting of frost on the tender mosses and grass. And I was smitten. This … Read more

Where can you stand to see enough?

Cloud formation above the hillside

I go across the valley to the far end of the boy’s track. From here, halfway up the hillside, I can see the weather fronts rolling in from the west across the sea. And if I am patient, the sight is astonishing and shapes my work and world. Where do you go? And what is … Read more

The gift of fresh sight

Colours of autumn trees across the valley

What difference would it make if we saw the familiar with new eyes? I suspect that if we were open, it might change the story we tell ourselves about where we are and why we are here. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

What might we see through the other’s eyes?

low-level view along a green path with trees either side

Meditating on my mossy perch, I wasn’t ready and waiting with my camera… BORROWED EYES It’s a strange sensation,being observed.Who is looking at who?What are we sizing up,me and this squirrel. Then branch to branch,tracing invisible pathsin thin air, whereI couldn’t haveimagined a way. What if I borrowedyour eyes? + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more

Getting to the heart of it

spiders webs catching the light in a woodland clearing

There are some things you can only see in a certain light. Like the spider’s webs draped on dewy grass in the early morning. Later in the day, when the sun has been at work, you won’t notice them. Unless you feel the web catching your bare ankles. So with soul. It’s there all the … Read more

Noticing beauty in the everyday

striking image of a miniature red acer in sunlight after rain

Why do we think beauty is reserved for extraordinary places or special occasions? Rather than being hidden in plain sight. As Marcel Proust commented: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with fresh eyes.” Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Sometimes, it’s just so simple


When you’ve been tussling with something for a long time, you wonder if you’ll ever reach the end. And then something happens. A word or comment. An insight. Simply seeing it from another angle. And there it is. The answer is in plain sight. Yet it wasn’t in plain sight. It wasn’t that we’ve been … Read more