So my friend, where have you been?

low level picture of a dog following a trail across a frosty plank

Over the years, we’ve had several delightful Welsh Springer Spaniels. And they could always tell where we had been. Their sense of smell was so acute that they could track our footsteps long after we had passed that way. I wonder what our trails would say about us? Sometimes, I think mine are simply circles. … Read more

Seeing in the rearview mirror


We want to know where we are, yet sometimes it only becomes clear as we look behind. And we can’t drive from the rearview mirror unless we’re going backwards. But we can hope that someday we can make peace with these in-between times. So for these current times, here is John O’Donohue’s beautiful blessing For … Read more

Words at work – handle with care


How we describe what we observe and feel reinforces what we think we see. Because ultimately, we can’t ‘see’ everything. For example, our colour perception as human beings is only within a limited range, unlike many non-human beings, who see much more than we do. So our words are significant shapers of how we interpret … Read more

Waiting for the fog to clear


We awoke to a mist-filled valley. It’s hard to get your bearings in the muffled stillness. When you can’t see where the sun is rising. Yet, we knew there were clear skies above. Waiting and watching. Listening and sensing. This is not a place to be impatient. We cannot make the weather change. We just … Read more

What do you call this?


I wonder, what would you call this flower? Cuckooflower Milkmaids Lady’s smock Cuckoo bittercress Whitsuntide gilliflower Mayflower Cardamine pratensis Or do you have another name? And as you read these words, where do they take you? For me, the familiar name is Milkmaids, and it takes me back to field margins on my home farm … Read more

Which way is up?


I was mesmerised watching the flowing water and delighted in how I had captured the image. It was a beautiful reflection of a moment frozen in time. But which way is up? Indeed, my iPhone took some persuading. But this is the real orientation looking down from the wooden bridge as the low morning sun … Read more

The stories we tell ourselves


The stories we tell ourselves are compelling. They shape how we see the world, ourselves and each other. They are hard to unsee, but are they serving us well? What’s the fruit?

We are our story

You and I are our stories. Our story is not separate from us, even if it is our paid work. And we embody our story, whether we are conscious of it or not. Because it’s what people experience. As humans, stories are the way we make sense of what we encounter. But if we are … Read more

Looking or seeing?

I’ve been wondering… Is the difference between looking and seeing similar to that between hearing and listening? Looking suggests the act of physically receiving images through our eyes. We aren’t choosing or paying particular attention. Perhaps seeing is more than that. Prompted by interest and curiosity do we perceive more than the passing images on … Read more