Pause here in this place


PAUSE IN THIS PLACE Pause in this place.Yes, look around,what do you notice? Listen for the heartbeatsof those close by,flow with their breath. Sense with their eyes,tune into their ears,know with their soul. Who are thesewe walk on by,whose air we share? Pause in this place.We don’t needto be elsewhere. We are needed here.Doing what … Read more

Listening to the deep whispers


Sometimes we need to stop and listen. To hush the noise and sense the deep whispers that have been trying to reach us all along. Gideon Heugh’s poem, You, is one of those whispers whose echoes we need to hear. YOU You are a wild and gleeful thing,nudged by lavish gracetowards all the astonishments,and nothing … Read more

No more careless looking


Will we respond to today’s invitation to really see? To pay attention with different eyes and notice what has been there all along? Cherishing the sight. After all, we don’t see deeply with our minds. Pause. See. Re-story.

Fresh sight from the quiet edge


Following yesterday’s post, What does this time ask of me? I recalled a phrase I was drawn to a while ago: fresh sight from the quiet edge. So I carried it with me while walking across the hillside after feeding the alpacas. Expecting to see something… FINDINGS AT THE QUIET EDGE At the quiet edge,away … Read more

Seeing is different to looking


We can focus our eyes in a specific direction or even search for something particular. But that doesn’t mean we are seeing it. Seeing involves opening ourselves, not just our eyes. And the act of seeing, of engaging, changes us. Are we seeing, or are we just looking? Pause. See. Re-story.

Sometimes, it’s just so simple


When you’ve been tussling with something for a long time, you wonder if you’ll ever reach the end. And then something happens. A word or comment. An insight. Simply seeing it from another angle. And there it is. The answer is in plain sight. Yet it wasn’t in plain sight. It wasn’t that we’ve been … Read more