What you see depends on where you stand

Winter open sky and sunset reflected on clouds down the valley

Last night, I stood for a while watching the setting sun’s reflection down the valley. From here, halfway up the hill, I can see a lot of sky. And, if I am patient in my watching, the weather fronts are clear. VIEWPOINT It matterswhere we stand,the directionwe face. It shapesour attention, andcolours our language.Otherwise, weassume … Read more

A gift for today – Boxing Day

Small black box with a gold leaf on top

On 26th December, Boxing Day is celebrated across the UK, except in Scotland, where New Year or Hogmanay is a much bigger event. The name traces back to the custom of giving gifts to people in need, though today, it is often dominated by the start of the Winter Sales… My Christmas present this year … Read more

A midweek Pause for Peace

Reflection of a bare tree in a puddle

This isn’t a time for words. Instead, let’s spend five quiet minutes together for peace. FOR PEACE We don’t need more words – we need a different way of seeing   that comes from a stillness which isn’t asking questions. + Sue Heatherington #Pause4Peace

Compassion and courage to see differently

Close-up of raindrops on a water lilly pad in shadow

One word can make such a difference. ‘Sawubona’ – I see you – encapsulates a profound sense of being seen and heard. Yet you can’t do this without compassion and empathy. Because it means being present, not just glancing in passing, seeing beneath the surface and recognising both sameness and otherness. And this takes time … Read more

May I borrow your beautiful eyes?

Trunk of an old oak tree covered in ivy

Whenever we read something, listen to another’s perspective or even look at a piece of art, we are faced with a choice. Either the opportunity to see something we haven’t seen before. Or to limit what we hear and see to what confirms what we already believe. That way, we can divide the world into … Read more