At the turning of the seasons

Swan surrounded by ripples on the dark lake

Yesterday, I stood for a while by the end of the lake. Just watching. The swan’s flight to land close by was so graceful. However, I’m still not sure whether this is to check me out with friendly curiosity or warn me off. And I mused on this threshold we are traversing. Real in the … Read more

On the first frost

Close up of fallen leaves whose edges are etched with frost

Dew on the ground is magical. Whole worlds are captured in each drop. Yet a few degrees colder at night and frost offers us a different world entirely. The cast on the landscape shifts from light sparkling reflections to a silvery pall that evaporates more rapidly as the sun strides across the hillside. A few … Read more

Rekindling a love for the seasons

Burnt orange hazel leaf against a backdrop of orange and green

I wonder if we have lost our connection with the seasons of life. Have we elevated some as more worthy or desirable while the ones we want to avoid are hidden away out of sight? As if we think we can master time or know better than the seasonal cycles… Here, the astonishing abundance of … Read more

Which way to go?

looking up a green path between trees to a gate

Pathfinding or pathmaking? A good question. And the answer is yes… … both, and it depends. Looking back on my life, I’ve been a quiet pathmaker. I’ve stepped out and done things that were not usual in my culture or era. And I’ve created room for others to follow. Yet I have other friends who … Read more

On the tides of life…

Canada Geese on the lake

The comings and goings… Finally, the rain. After weeks of hot weather and most of the lake turning to desert, we have lush fullness. Here. The final training ground for the older goslings, whose lessons in flight had been interrupted by lack of water surface. Without water, these beautiful birds cannot develop their take-off technique … Read more