The beauty of being more human


Walking with words that explore beauty and humanness over the last few days has been a delight. Thank you to those who have responded to my invitation, sharing deep smiles across the ether. Here are some of the additions to the exploration of what makes us distinctively human from the post The joy of being … Read more

All that is good is growing


Standing on this threshold of a new season – a new month, a new quarter, or shortly, a new birthday… – I offer these beautiful words from Gideon Heugh to light our crossing. SPRING All that is good is growing. Yesterday and so many yesterdays it seemed dead. But now the deep God stirs in … Read more

Angles of light


When the clouds part the sun is warm with the scent of season’s turning,  and the promise that seeking a different angle offers a different sight. And the first bumblebee. + Sue Heatherington It was surprisingly warm in the sun as I fed the boys yesterday afternoon. It enlivened everything and complemented my morning walk … Read more

Life is being beautifully formed


Is it that time already? Clumps of early daffodils stake their claim to the path’s edge, as they always do. Yet I am always surprised by their appearance. And astonished that everything necessary for their flowering is there in the bulb. Just waiting to emerge. SURPRISED BY LIFE Autumn receives the yielding. Cradling the soft … Read more

Choosing to see differently again


Eyes adjusting to winter’s harvest of seedheads in chill wind and ice-blue skies. What does this time require of me, and what peculiar gifts does it bear? Will I stand with open hands, or shield my gaze for another day? ~ I’ve been drawn to these bulrushes on successive days. Each time I encounter them … Read more

Returning to the same place


One of the privileges of living here in the valley is seeing the familiar through the changing lenses of the seasons. I notice the difference between yesterday’s light snow flurry and the crystal clear winter sunlight a few days ago. Yet we are not always returning to a remembered place, but maybe something stirs in … Read more

A fruitful rest


A fruitful rest? Somehow this tips on its head all our culture tries to tell us. That we earn fruitfulness, that it only comes through striving. And rest is a means to an end. But what if we’ve misunderstood the very nature of life? THE FECUND FALLOW And what if all this waiting;this trembling body … Read more

Entering into the fall


It has been an extraordinary autumn. The altered hues and the way the season has rearranged the natural drapes of the valley have opened up a different experience. An invitation to linger and enter rather than pass through on the way to winter. This has been an internal journey as much as an external encounter. … Read more

The colours are different this year


Have you noticed the colours are different this year? Autumn here in the valley has arrived. Seeping across the landscape rather than splashing about like a toddler with a paintbrush. And the greens. Vibrant, verdant greens announce there’s still life here. When usually, the greens are tired and dried, looking forward to the rest of … Read more