Walking in step with valley time

Early winters evening across the lake to the stables

Time is different here in this place. And I suspect it is where you are, too. Yet we tend to assume time is ours to use – like a resource – when we don’t own the clock. VALLEY TIME Dark comes earlyand with it, rain.Remindersthat valley timeis different. We do not seewith eyes alone,nor navigatewith … Read more

Engaging with the rhythm of becoming

Ripples in the water

Rhythm is caught and not simply thought. Or, to put it another way, we feel our way into rhythm. Yes, we might analyse it and capture it in notation. And that will help us understand and appreciate the music. But ultimately, it is only by stepping out with our whole being and experiencing the rhythm … Read more

So, how do you know?

cluster of ripe and unripe blackberries

How do you know when the berries are ripe? Or when it’s time to cut the hay? And when do the fledglings know it’s time to leave the nest or the goslings leave the lake? Or the leaves start to turn, and the fungi push their fruiting bodies into the air?  It’s not a knowing … Read more

Yielding to the natural rhythms of life


At its heart, patience is giving up our fight with time. ‘Patience is developed much like awareness. Through an acceptance of what is. Impatience is an argument with reality. The desire for something to be different from what we are experiencing in the here and now. A wish for time to speed up, tomorrow to … Read more

Noticing the rhythms we follow


Rhythms are around us and in us all the time. From our heartbeat to the cycles of the solar system. They all impact our lives, but the ones we pay attention to shape us the most. What rhythms are you attuned to?

Musing on the need for certainty


These days I spend much more time in the in-between space. Holding up the certainties of either side and wondering how useful they really are. Because living here in the valley, immersed in the entangled rhythm of life, I know that death is the only certainty. And even that is a transition.

Ripples of light in the rhythm of time


The colours caught my eye as I walked through the gate at lake level. So I looked up, expecting to see the source of the reflection in the sky. No rainbow. How could there be, with no cloud or rain falling? Yet here it was on the lake’s surface, shifting location as I walked by. … Read more

In the circle of life


Whenever I start a story, there’s always a ‘before’. Before this time, this event, there was. And living here in this little valley in South West Wales, we are immersed in the endless circle of life. At the same time, recognising that we are just here for a metaphorical season. Here time is more circular … Read more

Make a place to sit down


More than usual, this week, time seems to have fashioned a particularly elastic quality. Drawing tight to remind me that each moment is precious. While also opening wide and shrugging off boundaries with a sense of eternity. And we live in the messy and unpredictable in-between, with its associated sense of disorientation and ephemeral opportunities. … Read more

On the emotional cost of letting go


Sometimes finding our courage to live the rhythm of life is sad and painful. This isn’t only about letting go of the things holding us back but also laying down our attachment to things that have been lovely and good. Not holding on too tightly, yet honouring what is precious. Because the rhythm of life … Read more