On resting in the unknowing

View from the doorway of geese and goslings, and gumboots

I’m sitting in the doorway of the old cabin, waiting for the felting machine to finish its cycle. This is a good place to stop. To pause and sit with the unknowing. Not trying to answer all the big questions like why children die, how we can stop injustice, or what we must do to … Read more

A fruitful rest


A fruitful rest? Somehow this tips on its head all our culture tries to tell us. That we earn fruitfulness, that it only comes through striving. And rest is a means to an end. But what if we’ve misunderstood the very nature of life? THE FECUND FALLOW And what if all this waiting;this trembling body … Read more

Remembering to breathe in and breathe out


Breathing is an integral part of life, right? Yes. We couldn’t live without it. But what about the whole of our lives: do we build in time for deeper breathing? If we are always on the go, where is our reflection? How do we see where we’ve been, what brought us here and where we … Read more

Being in our place of delight


I love the way e e cummings links the others’ believing in us with our taking the risk of delight. This insight is a massive relief for those of us who feel we must earn our rest and play. I wonder, what is your place of delight and what enables you to step inside? ~ … Read more

Coming to a new place of rest


I’m not sure we can truly come to a place of rest if we don’t love ourselves. Yes, it’s a journey. And no, this isn’t about a propensity to make excuses. Loving ourselves isn’t about putting ourselves first, ranking our worthiness, or excusing our failures. Instead, it’s the place of honesty, reality and grace. Where … Read more

Choosing to rest in the unknown


We’ve been taught to fear the unknown – that it’s a scary place. Yet, in reality, we live here daily while wearing lenses that give us a false sense of control. And because of these ways of seeing, we assume we can live in a world of relative order, or at least minimal surprises at … Read more

Resting in the inner place


Place is more than geographical territory. It is within us too. If we are not at home in ourselves, then everywhere has a sense of alienation. So perhaps at this time, we need to rest awhile and come home. To be rooted in our inner being for the days ahead. This is John O’Donohue’s blessing … Read more

Coming to a place of rest


COME REST, FOR TOMORROW IS WAITING Come, rest.Let yourshoulders drop. Youdon’t haveto carryit all. Come, rest.Stand quietlyin the stream. Letit gently batheyour tiredheart. Come, rest.You arenot alone. Weare walkingby yourside. Come, rest.For tomorrowawaits you, andwords only you can speak.

Invitation to rest – know that you are enough


Finding our place of rest is as much to do with our inner being as our outer circumstances. A quiet place helps, yet if we are constantly striving inside, no amount of green or deep blue will give us the peace we seek. Fundamentally, our rest is internal. Deep down, for many of us, it … Read more

Finding your place of rest


Water at rest is not stagnant. It is beautiful and life-giving. So why would we think that rest for human beings is an optional extra? Your rest might not look like mine, yet we both need it to keep moving well. I wonder, where is your resting place?