Every creative act is relational

Reflections in the water

In our individualistic world, there’s a healthy humility in recognising that we never truly create on our own. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative act is relational. Nothing is ever created alone. Words and images weave origins from what came before, what lives now and what is to come. Let’s join the dance. + Sue Heatherington … Read more

A nudge in a better direction


Control is so overrated. As if we can control anything! So all these promises of change are rather short-sighted. Instead, we can engage in shifting the conversation for good. Nudging the direction by being present and seeding beautiful words. After all, we are relational beings in an organic world. Let’s grow better.

Being open to hearing differently


Beyond this verdant bank of green, the valley drops to the old stone water steps feeding into a small, shaded sluice pond. Walking along our lane, the sound of the water changes depending on the density of the vegetation and how far I am from the source. It’s the same sound, but I hear it … Read more