Musing on what it’s all about


Reflecting, having both the urgency and the opportunity to pause. To ask the bigger questions of life that easily get caught up in surviving. I return to the words that frame who I am and who I want to be: May I live this day Compassionate of heart,Clear in word,Gracious in awareness,Courageous in thought,Generous in … Read more



Gideon Heugh has just published a new book, Darkling: An Advent Journey, and I wanted to share it with you. This is a book for darkling days. A book for those who are hunkering down against the winter storms of life. A book for those who feel weary, lost, uncertain. It is not a book … Read more

Reflections after the rain


The overflowing lake is muddy brown, laden with offerings from the mountainside. And the alpaca troughs are full of water, while the fields are squelchy underfoot. Yet after the rain is strangely subdued, inviting experience of the familiar cast in molten greys. And wonder at the cycle of life that ebbs and flows in a … Read more

A long time in coming


I’m reading Oliver Burkeman’s outstanding book 4000 Weeks: Time and How to Use It. It’s a long time in coming – both in terms of his journey to writing it and my waiting for the right time to sit with its pages. And I’m not disappointed. It is beautifully written and full of both resonance … Read more

Remembering to breathe in and breathe out


Breathing is an integral part of life, right? Yes. We couldn’t live without it. But what about the whole of our lives: do we build in time for deeper breathing? If we are always on the go, where is our reflection? How do we see where we’ve been, what brought us here and where we … Read more

Here. Now.


Pause,be stilledat thismomentofgratitudeand loss,time’salchemy,a giftforan after. ~ 23rd March 2020 – one year on.

Which way is up?


I was mesmerised watching the flowing water and delighted in how I had captured the image. It was a beautiful reflection of a moment frozen in time. But which way is up? Indeed, my iPhone took some persuading. But this is the real orientation looking down from the wooden bridge as the low morning sun … Read more

The sun will rise…

This day of all days we remember how dark the world can be. Yet we know that the sun will rise. Faithful in its appearance, even behind the clouds. Therefore we can create space for hope, again. And again. ~ ~ ~ You might also appreciate Turn, turn, turn – a personal psalm of hope … Read more

No hiding – honesty in evidence

I wonder, have you also been noticing an increased level of honesty? In yourself, or in others you connect with? I am seeing it in the thoughtfulness with which we are reflecting on where we are now. In the honesty about the struggles, and where we are finding joy. Aspects that were not part of … Read more

Why now?

How do we read the times we are in? This isn’t a chronological assessment or even a seasonal judgement. Perhaps, instead, it’s time to listen more deeply to what is going on. What are you hearing? Krista Tippett’s recent interview with Ezra Klein for OnBeing was certainly food for thought…