Belonging is more than just fitting in…

Early spring pollination of skimmia buds

Conforming to be accepted isn’t belonging. It gives others, singular or group, control in return for something else. Whereas at its foundation, true belonging is being seen for who we are—and loved in the broadest sense. ‘May the frames of your belonging be generous enough for your dreams.’ And it is two-way. Because there is … Read more

What do you see beneath the canopy?

View under the trees

Wandering the valley after the alpaca rounds and noticing… BENEATH THE CANOPY Trees with manicured understorey,  the height of those nibbling lush leaves, tell a story of their own. Shade from the elements. Safety in shadows.  Sustenance renewed for valley dwellers.   Finding place in common space reciprocal in glorious diversity, here is flourishing in … Read more

Reciprosity and the give and take of harvesting


In our western culture, we have perfected the art of ‘take’. Yet, the world is not our resource bucket, just for us to run dry. So what might mutuality look like in our own lives as we seek to be fruitful? Just wondering. ~ thanks to Richard Merrick for the provocation.