The quiet stirrings of new life

Fallen leaves

Walking around the valley in a dismal late afternoon when all the colours are shades of brown, I notice how the fallen leaves are subtly changing colour and texture. Becoming ready for their contribution to life cycles we do not see. QUIET LIFE Below the surfacenew life is growing,it will emergewhen it’s ready. + Sue … Read more

A midweek Pause for Peace

Reflection of a bare tree in a puddle

This isn’t a time for words. Instead, let’s spend five quiet minutes together for peace. FOR PEACE We don’t need more words – we need a different way of seeing   that comes from a stillness which isn’t asking questions. + Sue Heatherington #Pause4Peace

Holding space for a midweek Pause for Peace

Late afternoon sun through fading hydrangea petals

Sometimes, we have no words. Yet, here’s the thing about poetry: it’s not just about the words. It’s the space, too. WHEN THERE ARE NO WORDS Pause breathe sigh breathe again… It is enough. + Sue Heatherington Today is one of those times when simply pausing together makes a difference. #Pause4Peace 🌿

Carry the quiet with you

brightly coloured fuchsia flower caught in low sunlight

What does it take to bring calm into the room? I don’t think it’s just about absence. Or lack of an opinion. Or even silence. Because even the stones sing. Instead, perhaps it’s a quality of listening and the character of presence we bring. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Being quiet enough to be surprised

a beautiful pink rose

Unless we want to be distracted, we generally don’t like interruptions. So when can we be open enough to being delightfully surprised? Here in the valley, that takes being quiet and being present. The shy wren isn’t going to come close if I am dashing around. And I won’t notice the beauty of the rose … Read more

What is quiet?


Most of us live in worlds that are far from quiet. We’ve become attuned to noise and activity as the wallpaper of our existence. The things that vie for our attention, that become our normal. So it’s not surprising that we think of quiet as being absence. But what if, rather than nothingness, quiet was … Read more

The gift of quiet


This is a gift we give ourselves. We need to own and value it. And if we have it, we can share this gift with others. But we can’t wait, hoping others will give us our gift. Because it’s not that kind of present. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Revealing what is hidden


Choose stillness to see with the eyes of our heart and quiet to hear the melodies of our soul. Here we see what is hidden  and catch the wordless songs that open us wide to courageous possibility and discovering what is real. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Only in the quiet place


There’s something about being in the natural environment that reveals our humanness. And this isn’t just out in the wilds, it’s also in parks and gardens. Being quiet in the more-than-human world paradoxically both amplifies and puts into perspective who we are as human beings. We see ourselves more clearly. This weekend as I and … Read more