Fresh sight from the quiet edge


Following yesterday’s post, What does this time ask of me? I recalled a phrase I was drawn to a while ago: fresh sight from the quiet edge. So I carried it with me while walking across the hillside after feeding the alpacas. Expecting to see something… FINDINGS AT THE QUIET EDGE At the quiet edge,away … Read more

Pausing for grace


Let’s hush the noise,tamp down the echoesand invite thegentleness of graceand the quietnessof compassionto say a few words.

Come step into the quiet


I am not sure we can hear and see what we really need in the rush and noise. Sure, we might find answers to the immediate issues of today. Yet do they have the wisdom of time and space? Pause and step into the quiet with this poem from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda: KEEPING … Read more

Make a place to sit down


More than usual, this week, time seems to have fashioned a particularly elastic quality. Drawing tight to remind me that each moment is precious. While also opening wide and shrugging off boundaries with a sense of eternity. And we live in the messy and unpredictable in-between, with its associated sense of disorientation and ephemeral opportunities. … Read more

Don’t be distracted by the noise

don't be-distracted-by-the-noise

To hear a whisper, we have to be very quiet. And to see intimately, we need to be still and right up close. And probably at ground level. We can’t do either if we are rushing around trying to save the world (or ourselves). And to be honest, our success rate isn’t very high. Perhaps … Read more

Being quiet enough to hear your soul speak


Be quiet… quiet enough to hear a voice that’s been trying to be heard, but has been drowned out. Be quiet… quiet enough to hear the tone of love, not the edge of judgement. Be quiet… quiet enough to know that you don’t need to know everything, but some things you do know. And they … Read more

Gracious in awareness and courageous in thought


Each day I read this verse from John O’Donohue’s blessing For Matins, from Benedictus: A Book of Blessings May I live this day Compassionate of heart,Clear in word,Gracious in awareness,Courageous in thought,Generous in love. And yesterday a friend sent me a link to a New York Times article that made my heart sing: Fighting Racism, … Read more

Quietly noticing the little things


I am not sure we can notice the little things in the noise. It takes an unwinding of our coiled spring existence and letting it come to a more natural rhythm. Otherwise, we only see the big things. Those that shout and steal our attention, distorting our perspective and sapping our hope. Leaving us feeling … Read more

Still knowing


Quiet, before theunfurledbeautyof arosebud, sorrowawakensthe soul,remindingof anotherwholeness. Be still and know.