Speed is a story we tell ourselves

Water flowing over stones

No, not the one where someone spiked my drink at an Art College party years ago… I mean the one we tell ourselves about why we go as fast as we do. Why this speed feels good, keeps us safe, or is required of us. Because we all have those stories. The question is, are … Read more

Have you noticed the question?

Alpacas coming down the hillside for feeding

It’s easy to assume we’re asking the same question because we’re using similar words and facing similar issues. Yet, if we listen more closely, we may notice the difference. Nuances that indicate we may not be asking the same thing. Take the simple ‘How do we get from A to B?’ I can think of … Read more

It’s usually beneath the surface…

Clouds reflected in the rippling surface water

Asking questions isn’t a luxury. Yet we think it is. We act like it’s something we haven’t planned for. It sits outside of the spec… Yet, if we are curious about the real nature of things, we must be open to further probing. Asking questions even if they feel naïve. If we don’t, and we … Read more

Being open to listen to the world

View along our country lane in the valley

Walking down the lane, I heard an unfamiliar bird song. It prompted this reflection… I may need to reset my tuning… Or even beyond that, do I need to be more open to the questions themselves? Because none of us can hear everything, we would drown. Instead, there are some things that we need to … Read more

On making friends with our questions

Who are you becoming? And what questions are accompanying you? As you look back, what little provocations or deeper probings seem to surface with regularity? Those that won’t let you go and miss who you are to become. I suspect we know them by name or at least recognise their shadow. So why not embrace … Read more

On resting in the unknowing

View from the doorway of geese and goslings, and gumboots

I’m sitting in the doorway of the old cabin, waiting for the felting machine to finish its cycle. This is a good place to stop. To pause and sit with the unknowing. Not trying to answer all the big questions like why children die, how we can stop injustice, or what we must do to … Read more

The gift of questions that make us unsettled

chaotic close up of bramble buds, flowers and leaves

When did you last experience a question that stopped you in your tracks? It probably landed somewhere on the spectrum between ‘Wow: what a brilliant question – just what I needed’ and ‘Ouch: that’s uncomfortably close – I feel exposed’. And it’s not just about big questions either. Little, unseemingly inconsequential nudges can also land … Read more

Standing quietly in truth


CHOOSING TO STAND Where am I standing What am I standing on Who am I standing with Here Where is the love I am standing on What is the truth I am standing with Who are the people I am part of Today On the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. ~ Inspired by … Read more

And where does the water flow?


Over the summer, I worked with the idea of beautiful questions. As I developed one of my own, eventually it distilled as ‘I am water, where shall I flow?’ But what kind of question is that? Yes, it can feel rather esoteric, yet it has become a powerful metaphor for me – a kind of … Read more