Voicing a beautiful question

lavender bush

Yesterday at the end of our Sunday gathering, our friend Helen Hunter, who was leading the service, offered a stunning question: What beauty can we co-create together? I want to take this with me into the week, being open to seeing possibilities and hearing invitations to co-create beauty. Will you join me? Pause. See differently. … Read more

What is your question?


No, honestly – what is your question? I’m not asking because you’ve got it wrong. Or you are stupid. You’re not. But I do want to know what is the question you carry with you. That unsettling perhaps, or that doubt that can’t entirely be subdued. Or that possibility that is threatening to burst in … Read more

Pick a lane

pick your lane

We have to pick a lane. Of the choices before us, we do need to pick which one we are going to pursue. We can’t choose them all. Or keep switching lanes. And if we want to make a difference, then avoiding picking a lane is not an option. There is no ‘right’ choice. But … Read more