Good words to walk with


Making good trouble starts with creating good words. Not flashy, arrogant words that say look at me. Nor timid words that drain us of hope. But good words, shaped with purpose, that sees the others and invites them along.

What makes your heart sing?


Pay attention to the little things. They may not shout, but they do create a beautiful harmony. And as you tune into the presence of yourself, in your landscape, you will notice what makes you come alive. The song your heart wants to sing, which is the song the world waits to hear.

Embodying shape and purpose


Pondering the questions that shape and ultimately define us has taken me to deeper places. And I’m grateful. Letting this question do its work has the sense of the sculptor chiselling away to reveal the form within the rock. It’s not what it looks like from the outside. And the idea of form itself is … Read more

Celebrating the ‘youness’ of you


In this somewhat dismal time, a good friend shared one of Gideon Heugh’s poems with me. It cut through the enclosing greyness with a shaft of glorious light that fed my soul. And I didn’t want to keep it to myself. You You are a wild and gleeful thing,nudged by lavish gracetowards all the astonishments,and … Read more

Roads last…

If you think about it, roads are usually the only things that last the ravages of time. Beautiful buildings decay or are replaced. Landscaping reverts to its original state if left untended. Civilisations come and go. But roads last. Here’s the thing about roads, they only ever exist to connect. No one ever builds a … Read more

November 2019: Walking forward

Between 20th and 31st December, I have chosen a Quiet Disruptor post from each of the months of 2019. I hope this walking reflection on the year helps prepare us for 2020… November – hope, relationships and intentional movement – we need all three! Walking forward Walking is good for the mind and soul. And … Read more

Community DNA

‘People like us’ don’t always look like us. The connection is more than skin deep and isn’t about conformation. It’s not an exclusive club with insiders who draw a boundary line for outsiders not to cross. Really healthy communities have porous boundaries that enable a living expression in multiple dimensions. These change and develop over … Read more