Being accompanied in this moment

Seeing the lake and the hill beyond through the trees

There are particular places where we regain our sense of perspective. One of mine is a mossy perch above the lake. IN THIS MOMENT We are fleeting,but we are not alone. All creation joins uson this journey of life,made up of little nowsthat string togetheracross time and place. Here, in this moment,  we are in … Read more

Becoming is in the present tense

Two young swallows perching on a rail in the alpacas field shelter

Becoming is not a destination. It’s a process. And it only ever happens in the here and now. So, if we’re constantly looking back on the circumstances and decisions that brought us to this point, we’ll miss it. Or if we’re only ever asking, ‘Are we there yet?’ our focus on the destination will mean … Read more

Being quiet enough to be surprised

a beautiful pink rose

Unless we want to be distracted, we generally don’t like interruptions. So when can we be open enough to being delightfully surprised? Here in the valley, that takes being quiet and being present. The shy wren isn’t going to come close if I am dashing around. And I won’t notice the beauty of the rose … Read more

Tempo Giusto – at the right speed

feather upside down at the water's edge

It takes being fully invested in the present to know the right speed because there are no ‘do-overs’. “Be fast when it makes sense to be fast, and be slow when slowness is called for. Seek to live at what musicians call the tempo giusto – the right speed.” + Carl Honoré, from ‘In Praise … Read more

Being in the arc of time

slice of tree trunk showing different tree rings and moss on the bark

Yesterday, I was reminded that here in the valley, we do not have time. We can’t be rigidly bound to a to-do list if a tree is down and blocking the road. So even if I’d wanted to be elsewhere, I couldn’t get out until we’d cleared the debris and made the tree safe. And … Read more

On being grounded in place

Family of Canada Geese walking along the lakeside path

Two delightful conversations this week reminded me of the importance of being grounded. Grounded as in being earthed. This grounding reminds us that we have bodies, not just heads. And that our time in the digital domain needs to be counterbalanced if we are to remain healthy and whole. Not grounded, as in being trapped … Read more

To pause is a gift of possibility

Unusual feather suspended on a blade of grass

A pause can be so tiny that we hardly even notice it, yet that momentary break in the flow registers in our subconscious. A breath. A hesitation. An intentional moment that creates an opening for something different to emerge. A pause shapes the experience of what came before and what follows, deepening our appreciation of … Read more

This moment in time

Blackberry flowers delicately caught in a shaft of sunlight

Is like no other. We have not had it before, and neither will we again. But to be fully present right now is to invest in what is to come. Even if we don’t see the outcome. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Being at one with the contradictions


I suspect I’m not the only one who, when faced with contradictions, assumes I must be doing something wrong. Yet things that ‘don’t add up’ is the very nature of life. Yesterday I was struck by the glorious call to being awake from the daffodils and caught the urgency of being alive. Yet I also … Read more

Now is the time


It is time,time to be present. To show up as fullyand as beautifullyas this first camellia. It is time,time to emerge.