Sitting in Winter’s sun


Soaking up the rays and listening to the birds. What might the air say today? What might the breeze carry as a beautiful gift? Who needs the presence of this place? Who needs permission to pause? Here…

Your presence


Presence can’t be faked, but it can be practised. ~ a simple thought each day for the in-between time.

And then came the rain


Simple drizzle, little drops leisurely finding their way to earth. Followed by sheets. Driving curtains of rain penetrating every crack, horizontal and vertical. Subsiding, then changing its mind and inviting the wind along for the ride. Calm, and the promise of light shafting through the clouds. Life feels like this sometimes. Just when we think … Read more

Softening our lenses with beauty


We often think about beauty with a hard, convergent lens. Homing in on the details and noticing the imperfections. Oh dear, what’s happened here? Yet this is such a narrow, shallow perspective, focussing only on the past or the future. On how things used to be, or what we might create ‘if only’. However, beauty … Read more

Blessing our world now


John O’Donohue has a profoundly insightful piece in the narrative of Benedictus: A Book of Blessings. He recognises that when we face the world’s darkness, it can cause us to retreat into our private little corners. Firmly closing the door of helplessness behind us. Yet, this gives our power away when we are people of … Read more

Daring to come close enough


When all is stripped away, sometimes, just sometimes, we have a precious chance to see hidden beauty. And it takes courage to dare to come that close.

Being present together


Why fill up the space?Let’s breathe together instead… If we sit together, especially in companionable silence, our breathing tends to synchronise over time. Interesting, isn’t it? The research suggests this isn’t the result of intention, merely of proximity and the absence of words we use to occupy the gap. I wonder if this has wider … Read more

Pay attention to…


To pay attention,this is our endless and proper work. Mary Oliver What if we started from here?

Look around – we are not alone


Nothing about our life is solitary. Yes, there are times when we’re particularly conscious of our alone-ness. And occasions when separation is all too evident. But in essence, life is not singular. It can’t be – that’s a physical and biological impossibility. We are surrounded by the presence of others, even if we can’t see … Read more

The gift of wonder


Do you ever feel a pang of disappointment when someone says ‘Oh, I know all about that’, and closes the conversation down? It might be because you feel belittled as if your contribution doesn’t count. Or equally, it could be because you feel a tinge of sadness in the presence of a closed mind — … Read more