Softly walking on the edge

Open pink camellia flower with raindrops

After a day of soft Welsh rain and nourishing conversations, I come to rest. WALKING TOGETHER Softly walking on the edge,  avoiding straight lines of fragile certainty, here is where we grow.  Breathing the air of possibility,   absorbing gentle rain of encouragement, being seen and heard. Cherishing travelling companions as gifts for the journey. … Read more

The value of suspension

yellow leaf held in suspension by a spiders web

A willow leaf, caught in the web woven in the reeds. A moment of suspension in its descent. Yet an opportunity to see its form from a different angle. And marvel at its beauty… Not everything has to happen immediately. Instead, we can have the possibility of appreciation. Of standing back to let our work … Read more

To pause is a gift of possibility

Unusual feather suspended on a blade of grass

A pause can be so tiny that we hardly even notice it, yet that momentary break in the flow registers in our subconscious. A breath. A hesitation. An intentional moment that creates an opening for something different to emerge. A pause shapes the experience of what came before and what follows, deepening our appreciation of … Read more

Our gloriously messy new beginnings


Have you noticed how new beginnings are usually messy despite our hopes and best intentions? This isn’t a failure but a beautiful expression of life. And life has its way of emerging, which is always more than we could imagine. So let’s permit ourselves to engage with playful anticipation. Because new beginnings aren’t a test … Read more

Why don’t ducks need maps


Have you ever seen a duck with a map? Me neither. Yet they get where they want to go, usually in the most direct, ducklike route. It sounds like an absurd question, yet what about us? Maps tell us where we or others have been. They chart what is known. But they can’t create a … Read more

Being awake to new possibilities


May my mind come alive today To the invisible geography That invites me to new frontiers, To break the dead shell of yesterdays, To risk being disturbed and changed. + John O’Donohue, from ‘A Morning Offering’, in Benedictus: A Book of Blessings This is not a comfortable or comforting space. But it is alive with … Read more

Seeing possibilities in unexpected places


This autumn, it’s been the beech trees. Their leaves endured the longest and have artfully framed the changing colours and textures of the valley. So I probably wouldn’t have noticed this beautiful fern had the light not caught the leaves above. Yet sometimes, we need to let our gaze wander from the familiar, expected path … Read more

The gift of seeing slant


Seeing from the side,the edge whereothers care notto stand. What do you see? And what do you hearon the wind,  that speaks aloneto you? Or what do you noticethat is callingfor your soft, innerattention? This is for you. Open your handsto receive, andyour heart to respond. We are waiting.

On being open to possibilities


I’m not sure how open we can be if our minds are full and our diary is back to back. Possibilities, by their nature, are things that are not yet. They have an element of imagination. And hope weaves through them like a thread of gold which we only see in a particular light. The … Read more