You breathed…

Shadow of ferns on two stones

A word, a breath, just at the right time, brings life. DRY BONES For too long we laiddrained and drybeneath the scorching sunas if the heat could bring lifeto our fragile broken bones. For too long waitedin the desert placeobserving the desolationand hoping we’d have the strengthto somehow hold together. For too longsilent. But you … Read more

Making pathways across the water…

light reflections on the dark lake

If we are looking for certainty and solid ground beneath our feet, we might be here for a while. These aren’t the days for singularly enlightened destinations and crystal-clear choices. Instead, we face the option of gloriously uncertain possibilities, an array of non-binary decisions. And the invitation to create paths on the water. Because we … Read more

Unfurling the possibilities of imagination

purple felt with off-white lines and images

My friend Caroline Harvey loves words. Not only does she help people gain confidence in using their voice in public speaking, but she also collects words you can eat… Caroline asked me to contribute to her online collection following Saturday’s post: It’s time for a few good words. ALCHEMY I love the beautiful, creative magic … Read more

It’s time for a few good words

Extraordinary purple haze at sunset down the valley

A few good words… Words that help us pause, think and see differently. That inspire possibilities and unlock our human becoming in a world drowning in noise. Words that are not just more words, but give us breathing space for the things that matter in our work and world. My few good words are like … Read more

Opening our eyes to the connected whole

view through tall conifers to greenery beyond

We are extraordinary pattern-recognising beings. At first sight, we intuitively perceive the pattern that makes the whole long before seeing the constituent parts. If we didn’t have this facility, we would struggle to navigate life. Take language. We don’t create the whole word or phrase by piecing together the letters or syllables. Once we’ve learnt … Read more

Voicing a beautiful question

lavender bush

Yesterday at the end of our Sunday gathering, our friend Helen Hunter, who was leading the service, offered a stunning question: What beauty can we co-create together? I want to take this with me into the week, being open to seeing possibilities and hearing invitations to co-create beauty. Will you join me? Pause. See differently. … Read more

Choosing your time well


There is mechanical time, valley time and your time. And especially in the transition zones, knowing which we are using is wise. Yesterday morning, by the time I’d walked from the valley floor to the sunlit path on the hillside, the dandelion ‘clocks’ were their usual fluffy selves. CHOOSING TIME If you want to see … Read more

The miracle of letting go


DAWNING Letting go isn’t like flicking a switch, it’s not instantaneous or discrete. Instead, it’s sticky and wretched. Washed with tears that leave a crust of salty residue, and echoing fears of yielding too much,  with nothing left, but shadows. Yet dawn light seeps through cracks, warming hands to open, revealing possibilities already there waiting, … Read more