Courage and hope open our lives to fresh light

Fern on the edge of a dark pool

The unfolding of this powerful blessing from John O’Donohue feels like the story of my week. And I suspect it will resonate with you too… So here it is in full. FOR COURAGE When the light around you lessensAnd your thoughts darken untilYour body feels fear turnCold as stone inside, When you find yourself bereftOf … Read more

Ripples of Hope – a midweek Pause for Peace

Ripples across the water - view from the bank

We’ve been practising a midweek Pause for Peace for eight months. So what’s the story we’re telling ourselves? What difference can it possibly make… In one sense, that’s the wrong question – we’re not doing this because we have the power to make change. Instead, we’re choosing to stand with those who desperately need peace. … Read more

A love of life without Plan B

leaf buds on a corkscrew hazel

We are so used to being in control. Of being able to plan and make provision for every eventuality. But what if we focused on loving life rather than using our time as a test run? Because I am not sure we have fully grasped that there is only now… “I don’t want to end … Read more

Returning to what matters

View across the lake to the emerging reed island and the afternoon sunlight coming through the trees

Over the weekend, I was drawn back to John O’Donohue’s poetry. He speaks of things that matter. Things below the shiny surfaces that attract our attention. And his words connect profoundly to my soul. They remind me of what is important and frame that seeing in a way that allows me to take action, not … Read more

Noticing what we hear in different ways

View along the green path which also includes the lake at a lower level

We can start by hearing one thing and then realise it’s multi-layered. Like discovering we had several pairs of pheasants in the valley when we thought there was a lonesome male. Following my musings on whether there is a better word for slow, I’ve been fascinated by the various positive alternatives offered in the last … Read more

The way of the soul

Water flowing over a stone in several directions in shadow and light

Friends who speak gently in whispers talk to a different part of us. They don’t need to shout to connect with our humanity. Indeed, their voice is part of our becoming. Yet we pay so much attention to the outer part—what we are going to wear, eat, or drink. Or to our mental abilities—what or … Read more

Hearing whispers that make worlds

Close up of white roses

It’s often not the things that are shouted from the rooftops that change us. They simply make a noise. Instead, it’s the whispers. The soft words that penetrate our outer skin and settle in our souls. And that changes everything – once we’ve given in… THE WHISPER Even the magnificence of the storm roarFailed to … Read more

Coming home again

View of the end of the lake and alpacas up the hillside

Today is a milestone, and I cross a threshold. I had thought it was a threshold going out. Yet I now realise it is a threshold coming in. I no longer need the coat I’ve been wearing for years. It’s time to take it off… TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF May all that is unforgiven … Read more

On Spring light and life – a blessing

View across the hills, with sheep and the foreground

I love how light seeps across the valley at this time of year. Instead of little pops of green, the trees and hills are starting to pick up the refrain. And smiling as they do. Welcoming spring and embracing new life. SPRING BLESSING Trip your sagging heartinto the vernal gleam;foot-light that weary bodythrough the wood-flowers’ … Read more

Spring is becoming

Closeup of yellow primroses

I’ve been waiting for spring. For lots of reasons, and also because I knew that Gideon Heugh’s new book, Naming God, contained some gorgeous poems about spring. So, in a week of thinking about hope and becoming, this seems appropriate: SPRING IS BECOMING Spring is becoming,and the sap is on the move.Thoughts acquire new muscle … Read more