Holding space for a midweek Pause for Peace

Late afternoon sun through fading hydrangea petals

Sometimes, we have no words. Yet, here’s the thing about poetry: it’s not just about the words. It’s the space, too. WHEN THERE ARE NO WORDS Pause breathe sigh breathe again… It is enough. + Sue Heatherington Today is one of those times when simply pausing together makes a difference. #Pause4Peace 🌿

The contours of our lives…

View across the lake to alpacas feeding on the slopes and paths and white swan at the waters edge

Living in this little valley full of living beings is a privilege and a joy. And even rushing to finish chores, like feeding the boys yesterday morning, I see extraordinary sights. Like this tableau of alpacas and the swan on the other side of the lake. Displaying the contours of the land, almost as if … Read more

At the turning of the seasons

Swan surrounded by ripples on the dark lake

Yesterday, I stood for a while by the end of the lake. Just watching. The swan’s flight to land close by was so graceful. However, I’m still not sure whether this is to check me out with friendly curiosity or warn me off. And I mused on this threshold we are traversing. Real in the … Read more

The beautiful fruits of autumn

Close-up of single ball fungus

I’ve watched this particular fungus for weeks and am surprised by its longevity. It seems to be just out of harm’s way… FRUITS OF AUTUMN Nestled on a mossy bed,sheltered by overhanging roots,this fungus is not alone. No nibbling feast,nor landing for feet,slow, undisturbed growth. Autumn’s abundance andthreads of connection.This fungus is not alone. + … Read more

Joining together in a midweek Pause for Peace

late afternoon sky with layers of cloud and silhouette of trees and fading hydrangea

What good can a pause do? In the face of wars and violence, it feels very small. Yet the more of us who intentionally stop and breathe deeply as a collective act, the more we enlarge our capacity to be carriers of peace in a broken world. PAUSE It’s counterintuitive because, in it, we recognise … Read more

Seen on another golden pond…

Golden reflections and ripples on lake around the swan

Yesterday morning offered a beautiful gift in the early sunlight. ON ANOTHER GOLDEN POND Ripples –overlappingcircles of life.  Drawing togetherand fading awayas each seeks for foodin the lake’s storehouse.Comfortable in eachother’s company.Not scurrying away,  nor fear in waterycompanionship.One swan,two little grebes,a family of moorhens,the bevvy of ducks.And then me.Smiling. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more

Finding beauty in the darkness

Large green leaves highlighted in the darkness

Wandering up the green path yesterday evening wasn’t scary.  I know the track well. It is familiar ground. Yet the darkness revealed the unfamiliar and reminded me that we can embrace those places we sometimes find ourselves in without fear. BEAUTY IN THE DARKNESS Seeing in the dark is a rare gift.  What we find … Read more

Sometimes, we need a reminder…

Rainbow above the valley side

It was raining. It does that in Wales… And, as sometimes happens, the sun was shining too. PROMISE Sometimes,I need remindingit’s not all down to me.Love never fails. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

On the unfolding of becoming

raindrop suspended on the edge of a curling leaf in autumn

Carrying tiny pieces of poetry in my pocket, I am caught by the nature of the invitation. THE UNFOLDING OF BECOMING If we knew,would we go there,or choose insteadthe safetyof the familiarand miss it all? Or walk into the welcoming,unfolding,unknown ofbecoming, with hope instead. + Sue Heatherington Let’s walk together. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 … Read more