Still enough to join the dance

Crane fly landing on my skirt in dappled light

I was delighting in the graceful dance on the lake below while listening to the chorus in the trees when a crane fly decided to join me. And stayed a while. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative actis relational.Nothing is evercreated alone.Words and imagesweave origins fromwhat came before,what lives nowand what is to come.Let’s join the … Read more

Being open to a fresh start

Shaft of sunlight catching a freshly opened young shoot of ash

Yesterday a friend posed the question: what would you do if you could start afresh? I wonder how that lands with you… UNFURLING What do you holdwithin yourselfthat you areready to reveal? Summoning courageto shed the fearof unreadiness,impatient to unfurlall you could beinto the spring lightof new beginnings. This isn’t thecertainty of success,it’s the joyof … Read more

On the warmth of becoming

Close up of mayflowers - hawthorn blossom - in the rain

Wandering around the valley in the spring rain and thinking about beauty, I spied the recently opened mayflowers of the hawthorn. The warmth of the sun over the weekend was all they needed to bloom… THE WARMTH OF BECOMING Gently peeling back the layers until our humanity is revealed and our soul can breathe, only … Read more

Life with raindrops and birdsong

Raindrops on fresh birch leaves

Immersed in the chaotic joy of May rain showers, better suited to ducks. RAINDROPS AND BIRDSONG Let’s not expectlife to be aperfect recipe,with ingredientscarefully measured.  Instead,let’s delight inunexpected rain,and birdssinging theirhearts out. + Sue Heatherington And getting drenched feeding the alpacas. A typical British Bank Holiday… Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

A moment of beauty – seen alongside

Close up of flowering aubrieta growing wild on the terrace

There are things that we can only see from our knees… A MOMENT OF BEAUTY A wild escape, flourishingin paving cracks andnestling against warm walls,while the great expanse oftime and space touchespurple petals with late afternoon sunlight  and smiles at the flowering cabbage. + Sue Heatherington … mirroring its humble pose. Pause. See differently. Re-story … Read more

Lingering with the intention of life

Close up of the flowering heads of fresh spring moss

Lingering, not as avoidance or prevarication, but to pursue life in its wholeness. INVITATION TO LINGER Slowing downenough to notice thelittle signs of grace, spacious enough to become attentive,water curiosity anddelight in possibility, the unfolding of amore generous life. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Beautiful surprises on the doorstep

Tiny wild strawberry flowers

Spring is getting in her stride, offering delights at every corner. Each year, the suckler shoots of the tiny wild strawberry reach further around the farmhouse, requiring a game of informal hopscotch every time I go out… ODE TO WILD STRAWBERRIES The promise of fruitfulnesswritten in code of pollen,dusted with the scent ofpure delight for … Read more

Delighting in the moments of becoming

View through the trees to the lake, with the fresh green buds of the birch

Becoming is not a process,it’s a practice of life. These last lines of The Great Unfurling were brought to life yesterday when I paused to peer through the trees towards the lake. In a rare moment of sunshine… This is a place I often pause, and familiarity heightens our perception of difference. There… The green … Read more