Angles of light


When the clouds partthe sun is warm withthe scent of season’s turning,  and the promise thatseeking a different angleoffers a different sight.And the first bumblebee. + Sue Heatherington It was surprisingly warm in the sun as I fed the boys yesterday afternoon. It enlivened everything and complemented my morning walk when the shafts of light … Read more

The miracle of letting go


DAWNING Letting go isn’t like flicking a switch,it’s not instantaneous or discrete. Instead, it’s sticky and wretched.Washed with tears that leavea crust of salty residue, andechoing fears of yielding too much,  with nothing left, but shadows. Yet dawn light seeps through cracks,warming hands to open,revealing possibilities already therewaiting, in the seeds, becausethat’s where the miracle … Read more

Freewheeling in the wind


Echoes of the storm’s song still swirling above the valley where seagulls collectively play in the wind, abandoned to the sheer delight of being. When did we stop trying to fly and thought it was advancement? + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Stories writ small


Astonishedby the little things.  Gardensin the stoneworknot requiringour observing,their storiesversed indifferent tonguesfor a differentaudience. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

On the threshold of spring


THRESHOLDS Before and after,lines that shapethe space between. Invitations tounknown possibilities,that whisper promisesof hope and dispelinner boundarieswith light. Come, cross with melet’s see what’son the other side. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Crocuses often mark the threshold of spring, and these are glorious.

Waiting to come home


How many of usare waiting to come home?To arrive at the door,and not have to knock.To know we are welcome,here, now, in this place.Crossing the thresholdof grace, with grace. + Sue Heatherington ~ Thinking of the many far from home, physically and metaphorically. And those currently approaching a threshold, unsure of what they will find. … Read more

Standing quietly in truth


CHOOSING TO STAND Where am I standingWhat am I standing onWho am I standing with Here Where is the love I am standing onWhat is the truth I am standing withWho are the people I am part of Today On the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. ~ Inspired by listening to a poetic … Read more

Just pause


What’s the rush? Is there a winnerin the fastest through life race? Or what is gainedby always thinking on the run? Living on assumptionsmay not be a healthy diet. And narrow focusis only helpful in a tunnel. Instead, what flowers of gracemight blossom if we pause, breathe and smile.

What shall we call this time


What shall we call this time,this season whose borderswe have stepped across. Do we know who you are,can we know your name? Whom should we call ourselvesin this space, in this place,friend or foe, lover or unknown… And you, who are you?Why are you hereon this road today? We’ve missed the signpoststhat tell us where … Read more