Shifting perspective – a midweek Pause for Peace

Pink acquilegia or colombine swaying in the wind

More than ever, I believe we need a different way of seeing. OPEN HANDS Clenched fistsassume control, violence of intentpowers rage. Skies darken. Earth shudders,then reasserts itslongevity in thehearts of those with open hands. + Sue Heatherington Let’s not confuse optimism with wild hope. Or think that arguments and answers win the day. #Pause4Peace Pause. … Read more

A moment of beauty – seen alongside

Close up of flowering aubrieta growing wild on the terrace

There are things that we can only see from our knees… A MOMENT OF BEAUTY A wild escape, flourishingin paving cracks andnestling against warm walls,while the great expanse oftime and space touchespurple petals with late afternoon sunlight  and smiles at the flowering cabbage. + Sue Heatherington … mirroring its humble pose. Pause. See differently. Re-story … Read more

View from the other side

View from behind the reeds including reflection of willow in the water

Yesterday, in our Pause for Peace, I recognised that very few know what it is like to be under siege. Indeed, the likelihood of knowing what it is like to be another person is very slim. However, we can cultivate a posture of tenderness, active curiosity, and generosity toward them and become, in the words … Read more

Noticing what we hear in different ways

View along the green path which also includes the lake at a lower level

We can start by hearing one thing and then realise it’s multi-layered. Like discovering we had several pairs of pheasants in the valley when we thought there was a lonesome male. Following my musings on whether there is a better word for slow, I’ve been fascinated by the various positive alternatives offered in the last … Read more

Only one thing matters: love

Green leaf buds opening on branches with the dark lake and hillside as background

This time of year is often characterised by the long list of things that have to be done before…. (fill in your own words) Walking around the valley after feeding the boys, my mind raced all over the place, landing nowhere. It was exhausting. Then, I noticed the buds opening in response to the intermittent … Read more

Yet… another little word to offer delight

End of the lake and footbridge in early morning sunlight

And yet… Opens up a different possibility, an alternative angle. Unlike ‘but’, which stops us in our tracks and demands our attention. Yet, is a gentle deflection. A generous and gracious little word that invites a second chance. Where might we seed a few more? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Little words are amazing

Little words are amazing

Bubbles from the silt interrupting the gentle ripples across the lake and creating a new circle of ripples

And. Seemingly insignificant, a filler, a link. Yet so much more. Stitching together people and places, ideas and emotions, us and other, body and soul. It is glue that re-forms our aloneness. And opens our eyes and our hearts to something bigger than ourselves. Just a little word. And. ~ And, I did two versions… … Read more

Marking the milestones of life

View across the lake in late February

No, it isn’t a birthday. But it is an anniversary. Eighteen years ago yesterday, Steve and I moved our household to this little valley in the hills above Swansea. Would we have done it if we had known what was in store? I’m glad we didn’t because it helps me remember that it is all … Read more

What imprints do we leave behind?

Fossil in a piece of sandstone

Pausing in the Welsh mist high on the hillside and thinking about ripples of love, I noticed this fossil in a rock. Sandstone is the underlying geology of these hills, and we often find imprints of leaves and wood pieces laid down when this was a marine estuary. It made me wonder about the lasting … Read more