What imprints do we leave behind?

Fossil in a piece of sandstone

Pausing in the Welsh mist high on the hillside and thinking about ripples of love, I noticed this fossil in a rock. Sandstone is the underlying geology of these hills, and we often find imprints of leaves and wood pieces laid down when this was a marine estuary. It made me wonder about the lasting … Read more

There is only now

Torrent of water pouring over the water gate at the top of the valley

Plan B is an illusion. Something we tell ourselves is available if things don’t work out as anticipated. But the birds have got it right: there is no plan B (Wild Hope). There is only now and the actions we take today. Because both the context and we have changed. Or, to borrow from Heraclitus: … Read more

Delighting in the delicate connections


We might think the web a spider weaves is delicate… Yes, it can be brushed aside. And yet, weight on weight, its tensile strength is phenomenal, and spiders are resilient. They simply resume their work. The connections between us as human beings are like that, too. They are more robust than logic suggests and reach … Read more

Where can you stand to see enough?

Cloud formation above the hillside

I go across the valley to the far end of the boy’s track. From here, halfway up the hillside, I can see the weather fronts rolling in from the west across the sea. And if I am patient, the sight is astonishing and shapes my work and world. Where do you go? And what is … Read more

Our creative relationship with time

Frost covered wild angelica stems

Paradoxically, we need to pause and consider our relationship with time. Or else our avoidance will drive us to those places that inhibit our creative response. Because time is not linear. Even though the clock disagrees, it is merely an ornament of time, not time itself. And it is by choice that we let the … Read more

The advantage of seeing upside down

View up the valley, with lake in foreground and trees with mist hanging beyond

The benefit of being a one-time geographer is being able to read the landscape. Yesterday morning, the valley was full of mist, with clear skies above. Yet the air smelt of smoke. An inversion. It’s an interesting phenomenon. This is where the temperature gradient is upside down, and the air is trapped underneath. So, where … Read more

Breathing in at the edge

Boundary fence and hawthorn tree with sky and further hills beyond

I had to… Walking straight up the hillside after feeding the boys, I was out of breath when I reached the top. Yet this first clear day of the New Year called for exertion. I needed to fill my lungs with fresh air and have a clear, panoramic view from the top of the valley … Read more

Seeds of life, not perfection

Out of focus leaf bud against background tangle of bare honeysuckle creepers with small leaf buds

The exact time of sunset in a rain and wind-filled valley is a bit soggy. And I have no idea where the sun even is in the late afternoon gathering gloom. Yet the vibrant emerging leaf buds of wild honeysuckle are stunningly framed against the smooth, dark twists of its creeping tendrils.  But capturing their … Read more