Weeding wisdom


Yesterday, we were attacking the abundance of weeds and grasses that had sprung up around the house, which had got entirely out of hand. In clearing a large pot, that had become home to a huge mat of grasses, I realised I couldn’t pull them all out in one go. Not only was it far … Read more

Fruitful tenacity

After finishing yesterday’s thoughts on generous persistence I walked up the valley. It takes time to adjust our perspective and the physical rhythm of walking helps, wherever we are. Readjusting my gaze, I started to notice an abundance of generous persistence all around me. The new fern shoots starting to unfurl through the dusty ground. … Read more

Generous persistence

“Generous persistence” Isn’t this a great phrase? It sums up the kind of person I want to be and suspect the world around me needs. It caught my attention on replaying Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast for last week – Fooled by Spectrum. But I also know that when stretched my tendency is to let go … Read more