Joining together in a midweek Pause for Peace

late afternoon sky with layers of cloud and silhouette of trees and fading hydrangea

What good can a pause do? In the face of wars and violence, it feels very small. Yet the more of us who intentionally stop and breathe deeply as a collective act, the more we enlarge our capacity to be carriers of peace in a broken world. PAUSE It’s counterintuitive because, in it, we recognise … Read more

Pause for Peace – a midweek blessing

White swan on the edge of the lake by the rushes

The last of the swans left early yesterday morning, leaving only the long-term residents of the valley in place. It reminds me that peace is a long-term endeavour. And our desire for peace requires “a long walk in the same direction.” So here is a blessing For Peace from John O’Donohue. Because we need this … Read more

A midweek pause for peace and the peacemakers

View down the lake

It was a passing comment. Peacekeeping is fundamentally different to peacemaking. While neither Dave Day nor I are experts in the matter, it struck a chord. And while this may be a spectrum, the poles are clear. One is a neutral third party keeping adversaries apart, whereas the other empties themselves of status to enter … Read more