And… a midweek Pause for Peace

Alpacas in dappled sunlight on frosty ground by the side of the dark lake

What happens when we invite the little word ‘and’ to the peace table? I suspect it pushes us away from our binary right or wrong position. ‘And’ invites us to see more broadly and probe more deeply. It is the territory of nuance, shades and diversity. To ask questions of who, and what, and why … Read more

There will be peace when… midweek Pause for Peace

Moving water tumbling over stone slabs

I hadn’t heard of the Dutch writer Etty Hillesum before reading Gideon Heugh’s poem. Not a saint nor a martyr, but a human being standing in a place of unutterable paradox of evil and beauty. Who understood it was our inner world where peace is cultivated. Let’s pause… THERE WILL BE PEACE WHEN(after Etty Hillesum) … Read more

Offering a blessing in a midweek Pause for Peace

End of the day on the hillside with sheep and fencing in silhouette

I’ve wondered what John O’Donohue’s blessing For Belonging offers in our regular midweek Pause for Peace. Because if belonging confers mutuality, what do we have to give to those in war zones? ‘May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart.’ Even though we may feel we have little that … Read more

Ripples of love – a midweek Pause for Peace

Close up of a swan and the ripples they create across the lake

We are familiar with the searing images of war and violence, which are now a daily occurrence. Yet perhaps we don’t see the ripples of hate and division that spread worldwide as a result—amplifying tensions that are already there below the surface. We are all affected. And our desire for peace has to start here, … Read more

What do you hear when you listen for peace?

Close up of gorse flowers in their prickly bush on the hillside

Yesterday, I stood on the hillside and closed my eyes to pay attention to what I heard. LISTENING IN LAYERS Pause, for peace,listening, yet hearingloud noises of internal disquiet  anxious for global politics – the nature of powerseeking voices – whereI have no say.And yet… And yet, ears open tobirds calling across the valley,layers of … Read more

Listening in a midweek Pause for Peace

Torrents of floodwater over stones

It’s so easy to be full of our own agenda, however well-intentioned. Instead, in this midweek Pause for Peace, let us listen more intentionally. Listen for the outside voices, those who need to be heard beyond the usual clamour for attention.   What are they saying that we need to hear at this time? And … Read more

A midweek Pause for Peace to look again

Close-up of air bubbles in ice

This is the alternative image to the one I used for yesterday’s post because I couldn’t use both… On looking at it again, I am struck by its curious beauty and the questions it raises, including how the air tunnels got there. And the answer is: slowly. Imperceptibly slowly. Yet here they are, beautiful, and … Read more