Listening in a midweek Pause for Peace

Torrents of floodwater over stones

It’s so easy to be full of our own agenda, however well-intentioned. Instead, in this midweek Pause for Peace, let us listen more intentionally. Listen for the outside voices, those who need to be heard beyond the usual clamour for attention.   What are they saying that we need to hear at this time? And … Read more

A midweek Pause for Peace to look again

Close-up of air bubbles in ice

This is the alternative image to the one I used for yesterday’s post because I couldn’t use both… On looking at it again, I am struck by its curious beauty and the questions it raises, including how the air tunnels got there. And the answer is: slowly. Imperceptibly slowly. Yet here they are, beautiful, and … Read more

A New Year Pause for Peace

Torrents of floodwater over stones

It’s been raining for days in the valley. Everything is soaked, and the water is running off in torrents. Watching the floodwater obliterate the ford stones brings to mind the relentless bombardment of people and families elsewhere in our world. Some have endured this for months, some for years, and some for decades. And as … Read more