What do we hope to hear?

view down a narrow treelined valley

One of the advantages of living in a little valley with relatively steep sides is that everything is amplified. Birdsong is all around, and often you can discern the exchanges, friendly or otherwise, from one side to the other. I don’t speak ‘bird’ but do recognise tones and patterns. And in the narrower, deeper section … Read more

Watching for the ripples


Splash! We did/didn’t (delete as appropriate) see that one coming…. Every day there is something that interrupts our little worlds. Some are big, others not so, but they all have an impact. However, I wonder if we’ve become so addicted to the splash that we’ve failed to take note of the ripples. Our attention span … Read more

Our life in multiple layers


Our minds appreciate simplicity. Is it this, or is it that? Yet life is rarely that straightforward. Indeed the richness of life is often in the paradoxes we experience. It’s this and that. And more. Yet sometimes, we can only see this when we are right up close at the point of tension. Because only … Read more

Courage to live the rhythm of life


We live in a culture that promises to make everything safe and OK. Nothing extreme, nothing too demanding or exposing – as long as we follow the unwritten rules. Let’s take the essence of the experience and bottle it for consumption rather than experience the highs and the lows. But that’s not life. And it’s … Read more

How words speak – listening for the patterns


The poem I wrote for yesterday’s post – When time turns – invites honest reflection: OBSERVING BECOMING The pattern of our liveswoven in the fabric of time,each strand a choice,each colour an expressionof who we’re brave enoughto become. And one of the reflections I am currently holding is the more than 100,000 words I’ve written … Read more

Desire lines – on noticing the patterns we make


Once you start to notice desire lines, you see them everywhere. From the particular way plants move toward the light, to the paths created through the vegetation as wild and not-so-wild beings move through the valley. The soft fabric of greenery gives ample evidence of repeated movements. Yet even in our dwellings, we notice where … Read more