Walking and waiting with words


I’ve been carrying this quote around in my metaphorical pocket for days: Do what you can with what you have. Nothing more is needed. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Cannongate, 2023 I sensed it was significant for me and potentially for others. And while I understood the words, what did … Read more

Patiently the light


Unhurried, the rays settle across fields and farms, lives lived in the caring of tomorrow. Waiting for light to illuminate the words and the ways hidden from view until now. Patiently revealed in subtle clarity that speaks directly to hearts wide open for life. + Sue Heatherington

Yielding to the natural rhythms of life


At its heart, patience is giving up our fight with time. ‘Patience is developed much like awareness. Through an acceptance of what is. Impatience is an argument with reality. The desire for something to be different from what we are experiencing in the here and now. A wish for time to speed up, tomorrow to … Read more

Life is being beautifully formed


Is it that time already? Clumps of early daffodils stake their claim to the path’s edge, as they always do. Yet I am always surprised by their appearance. And astonished that everything necessary for their flowering is there in the bulb. Just waiting to emerge. SURPRISED BY LIFE Autumn receivesthe yielding.Cradling thesoft tissue oflife, and … Read more

States of being in time


Is there a difference between waiting and being patient? I think there may be, depending on our orientation. For many of us, waiting has a sense of being static and outward focussed. Who or what are we waiting for? Whereas being patient may be about our inner attitude. Holding something until it’s ripe or ready … Read more

Seeing beyond the first glance


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  + variously attributed to Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey and others Compared with previous generations, we live in the fast lane. And the frenetic pace of virtually everything trains … Read more

On the gentle emergence of beauty


Beauty is not in a hurry. It doesn’t shout before it is ready, until it is formed in the secret place. Then it emerges, responding to light and love, and sings its transcendent song. ‘What is real is almost always, to begin with, hidden, and does not want to be understood by the part of … Read more

Pausing for the radical act of patience


I wonder if we’ve let our connection with the reality of time become too frayed. Something to be discarded because it’s outgrown its usefulness. We’ve lost the value of patience, perhaps considering it to be the domain of elderly aunts who don’t know any better. Yet patience forms us in ways we need, building depth … Read more