These paths are made by walking

Autumnal scene looking from a path out into the lakeside open meadow

There is something lovely about walking through the valley in the morning sunlight after rain. Especially when the faintly musty nuttiness of early autumn is lightly scenting the air. I love these green paths, and many of them are our legacy. They weren’t here when we arrived. Yet they didn’t happen in a day, or … Read more

Perhaps it’s all about the path


We’re so used to setting our destination that we think the path is merely the quickest way of getting there. Yet somehow, that feels like we’re being plugged into an algorithm. And having a goal is like choosing from a box of chocolates. Initially tasty, but not satisfying on its own. So what if the … Read more

Poetic Whispers: The Path


Many are asking questions they haven’t asked before. Are you one of them? I am, and I suspect I am not alone. For all of us, here is a beautiful poem from Gideon Heugh in his new collection: Rumours of Light. Yes, it’s longer than usual, but let it take you by the hand and … Read more