Joining in the dance of place

shadow of flower caught as a reflection on the water resting on the waterlily pad

Being earthed in place also requires us to embrace paradox. While we might see an aspect of this place more clearly from the edge, we cannot feel its heartbeat from there. Likewise, we cannot know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes and practice empathy if we are only ever off at … Read more

Being at one with the contradictions


I suspect I’m not the only one who, when faced with contradictions, assumes I must be doing something wrong. Yet things that ‘don’t add up’ is the very nature of life. Yesterday I was struck by the glorious call to being awake from the daffodils and caught the urgency of being alive. Yet I also … Read more

Our life in multiple layers


Our minds appreciate simplicity. Is it this, or is it that? Yet life is rarely that straightforward. Indeed the richness of life is often in the paradoxes we experience. It’s this and that. And more. Yet sometimes, we can only see this when we are right up close at the point of tension. Because only … Read more

A beautiful paradox of solitude


Solitude. It’s the place we sometimes shy away from to avoid being faced with our feelings of emptiness, brokenness, or shame. Yet it’s also the only place we can truly discover who we are. To encounter our core in its unfettered beauty. Perhaps it’s in this paradox of running toward while running away from solitude … Read more

Quiet disruptors – a timely paradox


For most of us, this is the most significant upheaval we’ve ever been through. However, I’d suggest that this time of change and chaos has an underlying tectonic shift, one that’s now gathering pace. There are many indications that this is the birth of the post-modern, post-industrial era. And the thing with births is that … Read more

Coming to rest

Coming to rest isn’t the same as switching off. It’s not zoning out and being passive. Instead, it’s probably the place where we become most fully alive. Because we’re not striving. Without rest, we are simply consuming calories to keep going. As I wandered around the valley this morning I see a place at rest, … Read more