Hope for the other – a midweek Pause for Peace

Tuber floating on the pond surface with shrub reflection

It is relatively easy to hope for peace for those who are like us. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. But what about the others? Those who don’t look, or sound, or smell like us. Taking a moment to step into their shoes. Together. #Pause4Peace 🌿 ~ a tuber from the bottom of … Read more

What might we see through the other’s eyes?

low-level view along a green path with trees either side

Meditating on my mossy perch, I wasn’t ready and waiting with my camera… BORROWED EYES It’s a strange sensation,being observed.Who is looking at who?What are we sizing up,me and this squirrel. Then branch to branch,tracing invisible pathsin thin air, whereI couldn’t haveimagined a way. What if I borrowedyour eyes? + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more

An echo chamber of one is not much fun…

a row of alpacas and their reflections in the water

As you know, I don’t do rhyme… so to offer you a weekend smile: An echo chamber of one is not much fun. While two is better and three is greater,  four or more could be the core of a beautiful and magnificent chorus. ~ Our little valley operates as an acoustic chamber. It’s easy to … Read more

Perhaps it’s all about the path


We’re so used to setting our destination that we think the path is merely the quickest way of getting there. Yet somehow, that feels like we’re being plugged into an algorithm. And having a goal is like choosing from a box of chocolates. Initially tasty, but not satisfying on its own. So what if the … Read more

I am not complete without you


Belonging is a state, not a decision. Yet, in our individualistic world, we assume it’s all about us. It isn’t. ~ a simple thought each day for the in-between time.