Holding space for the unknown

Unknown goose-sized bird perching on the rail of the footbridge

Yesterday, following my usual path and deep in thought, I started to cross the footbridge. Only then did I realise an unusual bird was perching on the handrail. But here’s the thing: it didn’t fly off at my approach. Sometimes, the visiting grey heron will pause there and fly away before I am near. Not … Read more

What are we noticing in the turning

Colourful display of autumn oak leaves

In our lives, there are often waymarkers. These are specific things we consciously or subconsciously look for as an indicator of change. This particular sessile oak is one of mine. Down the hill from the farmhouse, I pass it each day on my way to feed the alpacas. When it starts to change colour – … Read more

An invitation to see differently

ripples on blue water

What we think we see, isn’t what we see… Merely what we think we’re seeing, conditioned by what we’ve seen before. MORE THAN LOOKING … oh please Let’s not limit what we see; our senses aren’t restricted by how we think we observe. … try it, with your eyes closed We are whole human beings, … Read more

Being quiet enough to be surprised

a beautiful pink rose

Unless we want to be distracted, we generally don’t like interruptions. So when can we be open enough to being delightfully surprised? Here in the valley, that takes being quiet and being present. The shy wren isn’t going to come close if I am dashing around. And I won’t notice the beauty of the rose … Read more

Remembering that we are not lost


Nearly two years ago, I wrote this poem. It hasn’t lost its relevance. And perhaps its call to walk together is even more pertinent. Who are you with? WE ARE NOT LOST We are not lost… we just need to pause, put away our old maps, see where we are with fresh eyes,   hear … Read more

Being open to new stories


The stories that frame our expectations of ourselves are probably laid down in childhood. And then set in concrete by our experience of life. But are they real? What if they are other people’s projections that meet their need for status or control? Turning them off can be so liberating. Do what you can with … Read more

On being open to possibilities


I’m not sure how open we can be if our minds are full and our diary is back to back. Possibilities, by their nature, are things that are not yet. They have an element of imagination. And hope weaves through them like a thread of gold which we only see in a particular light. The … Read more

Life at the heart of autumn


In the slanting sunlight, I spied one of our bumper acorns. Plump and free of its cup, it was ready for germination and sprouting in the moist soil. This is life in its unfolding, doing what it does in season. So what about us? Where are we opening ourselves to this next stage of life? … Read more

It’s time to open wide the gates


Given the current climate challenge, I decided against ‘opening the floodgates’. However, there is something gloriously abundant about slowing down, being quiet and appreciating hope and joy. Especially when we become more connected with each other and this astonishingly beautiful earth we call home. We start to notice shifts. Our way of seeing stretches wide … Read more