Noticing the beautiful

Close up side view of a bramble flower

If we think we’ve got to know everything… where is the space for awe? If we feel driven by the clock to earn our acceptance… where is the room for curiosity? And if we are fed by everything that demands our attention… where is the capacity in our souls to see beauty in the other … Read more

Paying attention to the little things

Tiny blue speedwell flowers in the grass

Yesterday afternoon, in the spring sunshine, my walk was deliberate. I wanted to pay attention to the little things. Along the path, I noticed the gorgeous pops of vibrant violet-blue of the tiny speedwell, knowing that within hours, they would fade, having completed this fleeting stage of their lifecycle. But they weren’t waiting for me … Read more

Being curious about the particular

Purple vetch flowers with ants climbing up the stalk

Noticing the little things. Underneath it all, we don’t want to be told that we are like everyone else. And just because we have similar tastes or do similar things doesn’t make us the same. Our differences are to be celebrated, not as a signifier of value but of uniqueness—the distinctive contribution we make to … Read more

Is hope seeing without sight?

Close up of the underside of a fern frond on the muddy path

Walking up to feed the boys yesterday, I experienced hope. Firstly, that the boys would be there… The tree foliage is now so dense that swathes of the hillside are obscured from the farmhouse. But they haven’t turned up for food since Saturday, so I expect they are hungry. The second was noticing a discarded … Read more

Noticing the little shifts in colour

Lichen on wooden rail - older grey and newer green

It was the slight shift in tone that caught my eye. Lichens on the wooden handrails of the footbridge are not new. Their graceful presence is here year-round. But the transition toward green from grey whispers that new life is on its way. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

The quiet stirrings of new life

Fallen leaves

Walking around the valley in a dismal late afternoon when all the colours are shades of brown, I notice how the fallen leaves are subtly changing colour and texture. Becoming ready for their contribution to life cycles we do not see. QUIET LIFE Below the surfacenew life is growing,it will emergewhen it’s ready. + Sue … Read more

Delighting in the dance of nature

Close up of tiny ice pillars lifting up the leaf layer

The sound of scrunching underfoot released a grin of delight. I love these bright, cold days when sub-zero ground temperatures create a heavy frost. Then, paying more attention, I realised how much the carpet of frozen leaves moved as I walked along the track. This was some frost heave! Returning later, as the sun finally … Read more

Holding space for the unknown

Unknown goose-sized bird perching on the rail of the footbridge

Yesterday, following my usual path and deep in thought, I started to cross the footbridge. Only then did I realise an unusual bird was perching on the handrail. But here’s the thing: it didn’t fly off at my approach. Sometimes, the visiting grey heron will pause there and fly away before I am near. Not … Read more

Have you noticed the question?

Alpacas coming down the hillside for feeding

It’s easy to assume we’re asking the same question because we’re using similar words and facing similar issues. Yet, if we listen more closely, we may notice the difference. Nuances that indicate we may not be asking the same thing. Take the simple ‘How do we get from A to B?’ I can think of … Read more