Still enough to join the dance

Crane fly landing on my skirt in dappled light

I was delighting in the graceful dance on the lake below while listening to the chorus in the trees when a crane fly decided to join me. And stayed a while. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative actis relational.Nothing is evercreated alone.Words and imagesweave origins fromwhat came before,what lives nowand what is to come.Let’s join the … Read more

What are you listening out for?

View across the lake with swan gliding in front of the grass finger with heron, ducks and goose on her nest

I was out of sight, walking down towards the lake, and the heron took flight. Not far, but far enough away from me. I didn’t even know they were there. But herons are super-attentive to the delicate balance of the soundscape. Now, as I become more familiar with the diverse inhabitants of this little valley, … Read more

Is hope seeing without sight?

Close up of the underside of a fern frond on the muddy path

Walking up to feed the boys yesterday, I experienced hope. Firstly, that the boys would be there… The tree foliage is now so dense that swathes of the hillside are obscured from the farmhouse. But they haven’t turned up for food since Saturday, so I expect they are hungry. The second was noticing a discarded … Read more

Wild hope in the Welsh mist…

Squat unopened bluebells draped in beads of Welsh mist

I’ve just walked a frisky lamb back and forth along the top fence line. Bleating furiously and not letting me pick them up to return to their field. Yet, walking back down the diagonal path to return to the lakeside, I see the ewe—on our side. And the exchange starts. It’s her lamb, and while … Read more

Questions while waiting for the rain to stop

Old footbridge with floodwater and Welsh rain

Do ducks like rain, or do they wait for it to stop? What about the geese and swans and moorhens? I don’t think it matters to the little grebes, they are so jolly adaptable. Or is that jolly and adaptable? And the otter who probably stole the eggs from the reed nest. Do they wait … Read more

Musing on the nature of waiting

View across the lake to the finger of land and the Canada Goose on her reed nest

Through the Welsh damp yesterday, you can see the female Canada Goose on her reed nest at the end of the finger of land in our little lake. She will likely sit on her precious eggs for a month before they hatch. Does she count the days or have a diary or smartphone to tell … Read more

A wild and beautiful invitation

Rainbow in the hills with damp wild honeysuckle in the foreground

After days of rain and mud, yesterday we finally had sun. Until I went out to feed the alpacas… Then the hail. Hard white balls that pounded on the corrugated roof and my hat. Cold. Yet also bringing along a ray of hope. And with it, the recognition that we belong in this wide, wild … Read more

Delighting in the dance of nature

Close up of tiny ice pillars lifting up the leaf layer

The sound of scrunching underfoot released a grin of delight. I love these bright, cold days when sub-zero ground temperatures create a heavy frost. Then, paying more attention, I realised how much the carpet of frozen leaves moved as I walked along the track. This was some frost heave! Returning later, as the sun finally … Read more

Holding space for the unknown

Unknown goose-sized bird perching on the rail of the footbridge

Yesterday, following my usual path and deep in thought, I started to cross the footbridge. Only then did I realise an unusual bird was perching on the handrail. But here’s the thing: it didn’t fly off at my approach. Sometimes, the visiting grey heron will pause there and fly away before I am near. Not … Read more

Seen on another golden pond…

Golden reflections and ripples on lake around the swan

Yesterday morning offered a beautiful gift in the early sunlight. ON ANOTHER GOLDEN POND Ripples –overlappingcircles of life.  Drawing togetherand fading awayas each seeks for foodin the lake’s storehouse.Comfortable in eachother’s company.Not scurrying away,  nor fear in waterycompanionship.One swan,two little grebes,a family of moorhens,the bevvy of ducks.And then me.Smiling. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more