Hearing whispers that make worlds

Close up of white roses

It’s often not the things that are shouted from the rooftops that change us. They simply make a noise. Instead, it’s the whispers. The soft words that penetrate our outer skin and settle in our souls. And that changes everything – once we’ve given in… THE WHISPER Even the magnificence of the storm roarFailed to … Read more

Each are known by name…

group of alpacas on the green path in the trees

Most of the time, we don’t struggle to remember the names of our alpacas. It’s not only how they look but how they behave and interact with each other. Their ‘names’ are merely the moniker we have given them so we remember who they are. But they know. And they know each other. In the … Read more

What shall we call this time


What shall we call this time, this season whose borders we have stepped across. Do we know who you are, can we know your name? Whom should we call ourselves in this space, in this place, friend or foe, lover or unknown… And you, who are you? Why are you here on this road today? … Read more

Names are important


Owning who we are requires our accepting a name. This is the gift we wear that shapes our reflection and our voice. What name do you go by? Maybe it’s more important than you realise. ~ Spending time with our alpacas while shearing them reminds us why we gave them the names we did! This … Read more

Naming on the path to wholeness


Our longings are for what is out of reach. And our yearning is only in absence, not in fullness. Yet naming is a courageous act of vulnerability. It’s a vital first step of embodiment, a means of making real what we need. So I wonder what we might need to name in becoming whole?