Where does the green come from?

Little green leaves of the water starwort plant floating on the surface of the stream

I am endlessly fascinated by the green plants that appear to spring up from nowhere. Like the water starwort that catches my attention. It wasn’t there yesterday. At least, I don’t think so… GREEN LIFE Where does the green come from? Is it the roots hidden from view, or the light that awakens life? And … Read more

The beautiful gift of life


In our culture, life and death have been separated. And in the process, we have lost the sense of transcendence. THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF LIFE The gift of life isn’t about how long or how much, but being here immersed in the fragility of each day, making tender connections that frame our meaning, and being … Read more

Following the beautiful path of water


Yesterday’s invitation to enter the mystery of the water path was stimulated in part by the song Oceans. The idea of stepping out on the water is both ludicrous and awesome. And it takes us to places we wouldn’t otherwise go. Today it’s the turn of the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, to offer an invitation. … Read more