Being ready for the shift…

Bright bramble leaves starting to change colour

The shift into autumn is the most dramatic of all the seasonal transitions. What we’ve come to expect in colour, texture, and even shape gets upended. This is new territory. BEING READY Are we ready,I mean, truly preparedfor what comes next? Probably not,and that’sno bad thing…becausewe might not go thereif we knew. On the other … Read more

Tilting of the colour wheel

view down the green path through a tunnel of trees

A little shift, darkening of the green with a tiny dab of yellow, becomes a movement across the hillside. Not overnight, lest we think everything has changed. But tilting in that direction. The one that says it’s time to bring out the layers and recalibrate our expectations. Where else are we noticing tilting but don’t … Read more

The gift of questions that make us unsettled

chaotic close up of bramble buds, flowers and leaves

When did you last experience a question that stopped you in your tracks? It probably landed somewhere on the spectrum between ‘Wow: what a brilliant question – just what I needed’ and ‘Ouch: that’s uncomfortably close – I feel exposed’. And it’s not just about big questions either. Little, unseemingly inconsequential nudges can also land … Read more

Pondering our perceptions of time and movement


We tend to think of movement as getting from A to B. Or of getting better, moving away from what was undesirable. Yet here in the valley, water and the unrooted more-than-humans are the only ones who display movement like this. Others demonstrate their aliveness by blossoming like the overnight eruption of white hawthorn flowers … Read more

Creatively dancing with our questions


Yesterday I gave myself to sit with my question. It didn’t last long because physical sitting was too static. So I walked. Down the lane to retrieve our emptied recycling sack after the village collection time. Then up the valley to wander in the woods and by the brook. Movement certainly helped – Solvitur ambulando … Read more

Don’t settle now


We are here now for such a time as this. Not of our choosing, but our calling. For each of us, our ‘once upon a time’ has led to today. This day. DON’T SETTLE Don’t settle for a pale copy of reality –scratching your life on tracing paperinstead of splashing your own coloursupon the expectant … Read more

A time to mourn…


Many people, me included, were particularly struck by the last paragraph of Stephen St Amant’s blog – Filling the jar – that I quoted yesterday: Mourning the loss of all that we will never do is perhaps painful, but it’s necessary. If we don’t contend with that loss, it will continually get in the way … Read more

What are we searching for?

This is one of those great questions where we think we know the answer until we stop and think. In one sense, it doesn’t have an answer because it is the fundamental question of our existence and shapes our life, whether we are conscious of it or not. Yet on a less profoundly philosophical level, … Read more

Called by the wind


WAKE UP The wind swims its wayaround suburban lanessinging whale-song to a manwho dreamsof joining it. Rise! is the cry –a call to actiondiving from the sky – why moor yourselfto an un-wandering life;you have been called by the windnow go: take flight. – Gideon Heugh, from Devastating Beauty May this poem find its way … Read more