In the darkness, this is holy ground

Close up of a deep red rose

For Good Friday… HOLY GROUND Cradling light and dark, joy and pain, life and death. This is holy ground. Where what is broken, can be restored, and grief is held with a gentle hand. This is holy ground. Where tomorrow’s hope is more real than today, even if we can’t see it, yet. This is … Read more

Only one thing matters: love

Green leaf buds opening on branches with the dark lake and hillside as background

This time of year is often characterised by the long list of things that have to be done before…. (fill in your own words) Walking around the valley after feeding the boys, my mind raced all over the place, landing nowhere. It was exhausting. Then, I noticed the buds opening in response to the intermittent … Read more

Daring to be more human

Edge of a variegated camellia dropping raindrops onto its leaves

I love the image of standing at the threshold in Anne Hillman’s poem, We Look with Uncertainty, which we read yesterday. We stand at a new doorway,awaiting that which comes…daring to be human creatures,vulnerable to the beauty of existence.Learning to love. + Anne Hillman, excerpt from We Look with Uncertainty, from Awakening the Energies of … Read more

In anticipation of the emerging aliveness

Silhouette of crooked hazel branch with new buds emerging

For a while, I’ve been carrying a sense of anticipation. Of knowing that something was about to emerge, yet not knowing what… Some of this is tied to my exploration of Be More Poet, with Rick Rubin’s words from The Creative Act: A Way of Being for navigation: ‘The work reveals itself as you go.’ … Read more

Love is a way of seeing

Lakeside in the morning sunlight, with geese on the bank and goosanders on the water

I started contemplating love as another of my little words this week. And soon realised that the word love was altogether different (you knew, of course). It isn’t a pivot word, like ‘and’ or ‘yet’. Instead, it offers us a transcendent way of seeing. With soft eyes and a generous heart. Who do you know … Read more

Delighting in the display of life loving life

Close up of damp willow buds just emerging

After the hazel have spilled their tumbling catkins in an early fanfare, the willows are next in line. Little lightly tinged soft buds, like delicately formed puffs of cotton wool, venture out from stern branches. Almost a little surprised to have arrived. Just a few. At first. LIFE LOVES LIFE Life cannot helpbut birth life. … Read more

What colour is love?

Close up of the inner bud of a camellia after rainfall

Yesterday, I wandered around the valley in the welcome sunlight, listening to the birds and delighting in the emerging colour. And pondering the question: where is the love that will not let us go? KNOWING LOVE Is love a colour, a scent or a tone;can we remember its sound,feel its presence in thecracked places of … Read more

The love that will not let us go…

Boots one with duct tape on rocks by the stream

My wellies have a crack. Currently, my solution is duct tape. No, it doesn’t stop them from leaking, but it keeps the mud at bay. And I’ve been wondering about what holds us together when the cracks appear. Where is our hope? And to what or whom do we entrust ourselves? Where is the love … Read more

Belonging is more than just fitting in…

Early spring pollination of skimmia buds

Conforming to be accepted isn’t belonging. It gives others, singular or group, control in return for something else. Whereas at its foundation, true belonging is being seen for who we are—and loved in the broadest sense. ‘May the frames of your belonging be generous enough for your dreams.’ And it is two-way. Because there is … Read more