In the kindness of quiet

View along the green path in early spring sunlight with the trees still bare

Quiet isn’t an empty space. It isn’t a place of absence. Here, we hear the whisper of kindness if we let down our shields. In this place, we hear what our soul has been telling us all along. We just didn’t stop to listen… Here, too, we hear the voices of others—not those who are … Read more

What do you hear when you listen for peace?

Close up of gorse flowers in their prickly bush on the hillside

Yesterday, I stood on the hillside and closed my eyes to pay attention to what I heard. LISTENING IN LAYERS Pause, for peace,listening, yet hearingloud noises of internal disquiet  anxious for global politics – the nature of powerseeking voices – whereI have no say.And yet… And yet, ears open tobirds calling across the valley,layers of … Read more

Listening in a midweek Pause for Peace

Torrents of floodwater over stones

It’s so easy to be full of our own agenda, however well-intentioned. Instead, in this midweek Pause for Peace, let us listen more intentionally. Listen for the outside voices, those who need to be heard beyond the usual clamour for attention.   What are they saying that we need to hear at this time? And … Read more

Have you noticed the question?

Alpacas coming down the hillside for feeding

It’s easy to assume we’re asking the same question because we’re using similar words and facing similar issues. Yet, if we listen more closely, we may notice the difference. Nuances that indicate we may not be asking the same thing. Take the simple ‘How do we get from A to B?’ I can think of … Read more

And why am I standing here?

Autumnal view up the overgrown green path with trees on either side

Yesterday, I wandered up the valley where the small conifer wood drapes the hillside, echoing its contours. Instead of going to my usual place, by the watergate, I was drawn to stand on the green path below the trees. And listen to the water tumbling down from a neighbour’s spring across the valley. Why am … Read more

The silence of the trees

Beech leaf turning yellow

Hush now. Settle down. This is an invitation to gaze and to listen… THE SILENCE OF THE TREES There is a gracethat we cannot remember,a peace that has passedour understanding. For who cares to listento the silence of the trees?Who ventures out into the quietof their own soul? Who in this age of deafening hurrycan … Read more

Being open to listen to the world

View along our country lane in the valley

Walking down the lane, I heard an unfamiliar bird song. It prompted this reflection… I may need to reset my tuning… Or even beyond that, do I need to be more open to the questions themselves? Because none of us can hear everything, we would drown. Instead, there are some things that we need to … Read more

When you can hear yourself speak

view through damp trees and undergrowth to the misty lakeside

Each time I return to this short John O’Donohue blessing, I hear it differently. It’s not that I wasn’t listening last time, or the time before, but somehow I am ready for more. TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF May all that is unforgiving in youBe released. May your fears yieldTheir deepest tranquilities. May all that … Read more