Crossing the divide

View of ford and footbridge with dark passage beyond

When did you last venture across without fully knowing what was on the other side? Or are you still in the middle… and wondering why? Better than the lasting regret of having not tried… This is brave space. Pause. See differently. Re-story…

In the time in between

Looking across the valley at the multi-coloured sky at sunset

This feels like a ‘there… but not quite yet…’ day. Of course, it probably isn’t helped by the glorious evidence of spring earlier in the week, only to be interrupted by a ferocious hail storm and then snow… Today is nearly the end of Holy Week, which has had far more resonance for me this … Read more

Being in the liminal space again

silhouette of fading rose with water droplets on the stem

It feels like we’re in the in-between again. The space that is neither here nor there. After the before, but not yet arrived.  It’s more than a simple threshold. There’s a gap between one side and the other. So what does this space ask of me, of us? I suspect it’s yielding to what we … Read more

Humble Beauty


Wandering around the valley, having finally finished shearing the alpacas. Grateful that it had gone so well and grateful that it was done for another year. And grateful that the light often appears exceptionally magnificent in these liminal moments. HUMBLE BEAUTY Who would have thought a humble dock leaf could be so stunning, or how … Read more

Seeing in the rearview mirror


We want to know where we are, yet sometimes it only becomes clear as we look behind. And we can’t drive from the rearview mirror unless we’re going backwards. But we can hope that someday we can make peace with these in-between times. So for these current times, here is John O’Donohue’s beautiful blessing For … Read more

In-betweenness and being in the mist


The chilled mist rolling into the valley, obliterating the contours, and then rolling out again was an interesting experience. And I wonder whether these in-between times we’ve been exploring have other parallels. Because when we find ourselves in these gaps, we often lose sight of the contours of the landscape. So perhaps it’s at these … Read more

Musing on the need for certainty


These days I spend much more time in the in-between space. Holding up the certainties of either side and wondering how useful they really are. Because living here in the valley, immersed in the entangled rhythm of life, I know that death is the only certainty. And even that is a transition.

Travelling between here and there


Yesterday, I was musing on Sharing what we find. So it only seems right to share something I found, courtesy of Joanna Maberly: “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and between them are doors.” – William Blake Joanna opens her thoughtful piece on Thresholds: An Invitation to … Read more

Being drawn


With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling T S Eliot, Little Gidding, Four Quartets Who draws you? And what inspires you to step forward into the unknown? I wonder what is pulling you from where you have been and where is it taking you? It’s worth asking because stepping across … Read more

Close proximity


In the space between,when the intentionis to be here,not there, youare not alone.