Angles of light


When the clouds partthe sun is warm withthe scent of season’s turning,  and the promise thatseeking a different angleoffers a different sight.And the first bumblebee. + Sue Heatherington It was surprisingly warm in the sun as I fed the boys yesterday afternoon. It enlivened everything and complemented my morning walk when the shafts of light … Read more

On the threshold of spring


THRESHOLDS Before and after,lines that shapethe space between. Invitations tounknown possibilities,that whisper promisesof hope and dispelinner boundarieswith light. Come, cross with melet’s see what’son the other side. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Crocuses often mark the threshold of spring, and these are glorious.

Patiently the light


Unhurried, the rays settle across fields and farms, lives lived in the caring of tomorrow. Waiting for light to illuminate the words and the ways hidden from view until now. Patiently revealed in subtle clarity that speaks directly to hearts wide open for life. + Sue Heatherington

Catching the light


At this time of year,it matters where you stand. Choose well. At this time of day,it matters what direction you face. Choose with care. At this moment in time,there are paths before you. Choose with intention.

Winter sun


Slanting lightilluminating spaceswe don’t normally see,  the gift oflooking sidewaysfor shadowy possibilitiesthe brilliance of summercannot find.

What do we see with our eyes closed?


Seeing in the dark takes imagination. So what do you see with your eyes closed? And where does your imagination take you? Perhaps we’re so used to switching on the light that our ability to see differently has diminished. Or we fear what we might see and don’t go there. Yet this is often the … Read more

Being in the darkness


Even when we are in the dark, it’s not entirely black. For that, we would need to go way underground, as Robert Macfarlane’s book, Underland, explores. But it can feel disorientating when we have no markers to make sense of where we are. In these situations, we often look for the light. Any light. Yet … Read more

Light seeds and being present


There are so many reasons we might put on a mask, but not all bad. However, it’s very easy to become used to covering up. Especially when times are dark or confusing. Yet what would happen if we chose to be present, bringing ourselves with us? Not trying to overcome the darkness but simply planting … Read more

Appreciating the little signs of life


Even in the deepening fall, when the leaves are shed, and vegetation is dying back, there is life. It just takes a little more to see it there. And when the darkness feels like it is closing in, remember that hope is not extinguished. A spark remains. RUMOURS OF LIGHT The hope that’s lingeringbeneath the … Read more