On choosing the simpler way

close up of green ash tree leaves in shadow

Reflecting on the lessons of the week… THE SIMPLER WAY It’s not easy, to choose the simpler way. Saying no, when yes is a softer option. Embracing guardrails of focus and valuing less over more. Trusting in possibilities rather than certainty, and rhythm and resonance instead of control.  Yielding to seasons and spaciousness,  openheartedness, generosity … Read more

Beautiful greens


Walking back after shearing the alpacas, I was grubby and tired. And then I spied these ferns along the green path… BEAUTIFUL GREENS Layers of green, not competing for attention but simply being their subtle selves,  are beautiful and calm evocations to breathe life into desiccated souls. + Sue Heatherington Where do you go for … Read more

Celebrating broken signs of life


Here is the delicate half-shell of a Swallow’s egg. Beautiful, isn’t it? Fallen on the stable floor from the nest built in the rafters. By birds who have flown thousands and thousands of miles to nest again in our valley. New life begins to breathe. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

The habitation of multitudes


When we look at ourselves, each other and the beings around us, we usually see in the singular. A person. A friend. A tree. Perhaps our individualist lens obscures the insight that we are all multitudes. This old oak houses many more-than-human communities. So the fact that it no longer has leaves doesn’t mean it … Read more

Holding onto hope and anticipation


Every day I scrutinise the reed bed for signs of new life. The fresh green shoots are taking their time emerging, but I know they will come. So I wait with hope and anticipation. And remember that we are the gatekeepers of our expectations. Always. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

And here comes the colour


I am blown away by the vibrancy of the greens in the valley this spring. More than I remember in previous years, there’s brightness and nuance as I wander the green paths. Yet, it also takes light to bring the colours alive. And maybe that’s why the greens are more green, and the yellows are … Read more

The beautiful gift of life


In our culture, life and death have been separated. And in the process, we have lost the sense of transcendence. THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF LIFE The gift of life isn’t about how long or how much, but being here immersed in the fragility of each day, making tender connections that frame our meaning, and being … Read more

Edging towards greenness


The valley is edging towards greenness. I was only away for a day, and it is greener even in today’s mist. There’s greater intensity as the leaves clothe the trees, and their winter nakedness is covered. More vibrant as the moss and lichens respond to warmth and moisture. And the grass, beloved of alpacas and … Read more

On seeing new life


I am awed by the privilege of seeing new life emerge. Whether it’s the tiny shoots of green, the eruption of tadpoles or the emergence of someone stepping bravely into all they can become. It’s astonishingly beautiful. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Our gloriously messy new beginnings


Have you noticed how new beginnings are usually messy despite our hopes and best intentions? This isn’t a failure but a beautiful expression of life. And life has its way of emerging, which is always more than we could imagine. So let’s permit ourselves to engage with playful anticipation. Because new beginnings aren’t a test … Read more