You breathed…

Shadow of ferns on two stones

A word, a breath, just at the right time, brings life. DRY BONES For too long we laiddrained and drybeneath the scorching sunas if the heat could bring lifeto our fragile broken bones. For too long waitedin the desert placeobserving the desolationand hoping we’d have the strengthto somehow hold together. For too longsilent. But you … Read more

A more colourful way of seeing

Ragged and nibbled buttercup resembling a butterfly

On this journey across the thresholds of life, what if we were open to seeing more expansively? What if the world was not as narrow or fixed as we often believe? And what if metaphors are visual as well as in words? What might you see, and where could this take you? Imagination is colour … Read more

Life with raindrops and birdsong

Raindrops on fresh birch leaves

Immersed in the chaotic joy of May rain showers, better suited to ducks. RAINDROPS AND BIRDSONG Let’s not expectlife to be aperfect recipe,with ingredientscarefully measured.  Instead,let’s delight inunexpected rain,and birdssinging theirhearts out. + Sue Heatherington And getting drenched feeding the alpacas. A typical British Bank Holiday… Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

A love of life without Plan B

leaf buds on a corkscrew hazel

We are so used to being in control. Of being able to plan and make provision for every eventuality. But what if we focused on loving life rather than using our time as a test run? Because I am not sure we have fully grasped that there is only now… “I don’t want to end … Read more

You are more than one story

View up the old green path between the trees

The path of our lives isn’t narrow. We can’t fall off the edge or never find our way back if we take an interesting side track. This path is created through the many stories of our lives. Woven together with threads, some of which predate our birth. Cherish them. Hold them up to the light … Read more

Life unfolding on a spring morning

View through the trees - now in full leaf - to the lake

I’ve tried… Tried to capture the multiple layers of sound as I stood on my regular perch in the valley. I cannot do justice to the immersive experience. The geese coming in to land on the lake below me. The lesser spotted woodpecker in the trees above. Or the myriad of chattering birds all around. … Read more

Lingering with the intention of life

Close up of the flowering heads of fresh spring moss

Lingering, not as avoidance or prevarication, but to pursue life in its wholeness. INVITATION TO LINGER Slowing downenough to notice thelittle signs of grace, spacious enough to become attentive,water curiosity anddelight in possibility, the unfolding of amore generous life. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Is there a better word than slow?

Early spring morning dew on an open violet, moss and a fallen leaf from the autumn

I’ve realised that I am building a resistance to using the word slow… And I wonder if it’s because ‘slow’ somehow conveys a sense of being suboptimal and wasteful or if it’s a category reserved for those who can afford to ‘go slow’. Yet, when I think about time here in the valley, slow is … Read more

The knowing in the waiting

Fine fleece in the wind with raindrops

Caroline Harvey summed it up well – ‘she just knows’ – in response to my musings on our resident Canada Goose waiting for her goslings to emerge. Yet, I suspect we are out of practice regarding this kind of knowing. We rely on external mechanical prompts to remind us of things we have forgotten how … Read more

On Spring light and life – a blessing

View across the hills, with sheep and the foreground

I love how light seeps across the valley at this time of year. Instead of little pops of green, the trees and hills are starting to pick up the refrain. And smiling as they do. Welcoming spring and embracing new life. SPRING BLESSING Trip your sagging heartinto the vernal gleam;foot-light that weary bodythrough the wood-flowers’ … Read more