For radical rootedness, less is more


I am continuing to muse on unfurling while also sensing we’re in a season of asking big questions… RADICAL ROOTEDNESS It’s hard to let goof things that havedefined us,of identitieswe’ve answered tofor so long. This is me you’re talking about,the only me I know… But what if there’smore of the real uswaiting to emerge,yet without … Read more

Choosing to be free


We have stories about ourselves, and those are not who we are. We have stories about the work, and those are not what the work is. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Canongate 2023 Some stories serve us for a time. And then we need to let them go. Otherwise, we … Read more

Entering into the fall


It has been an extraordinary autumn. The altered hues and the way the season has rearranged the natural drapes of the valley have opened up a different experience. An invitation to linger and enter rather than pass through on the way to winter. This has been an internal journey as much as an external encounter. … Read more