For times when words are inadequate

abstract image of leaves moving in the darkness

We all know times when we don’t have the words. Maybe our language lacks the complexity we are trying to articulate. Perhaps it is too narrow or shallow for what we are trying to say. Or we are overwhelmed by the negativity we encounter daily, to rise above with a verbal expression of hope. In … Read more

Being aware of the hard edges

Close-up of raindrops on flower head and stem

There are too many hard edges. Lines that determine what is in, and what is out. Definitions without the nuance of both/and. Language that requires us to make choices about how we think. And puts others into boxes that separate. So what if we softened the edges with kindness? And infused our language with love? … Read more

What do we hope to hear?

view down a narrow treelined valley

One of the advantages of living in a little valley with relatively steep sides is that everything is amplified. Birdsong is all around, and often you can discern the exchanges, friendly or otherwise, from one side to the other. I don’t speak ‘bird’ but do recognise tones and patterns. And in the narrower, deeper section … Read more

Choosing better worlds

Every day we have choices. The little choices that, over time, have such a big effect. Seeding beautiful words is an act of radical hope that words make worlds + Sue Heatherington Let’s intentionally develop our vocabulary and exercise our better word muscles. Starting with what we consume. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

The delight of not being singular


Our English language values precision. Words sit in boxes. And we talk about “dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s.” Yet life is not singular, and neither is action discrete. We live on a connected continuum. I do, and I keep on doing – present continuous. And who I am is an expression of being, … Read more

What shall we call this time


What shall we call this time, this season whose borders we have stepped across. Do we know who you are, can we know your name? Whom should we call ourselves in this space, in this place, friend or foe, lover or unknown… And you, who are you? Why are you here on this road today? … Read more

Language for a new emergence


Our challenge isn’t to accurately describe what we can see. Instead, it’s the opportunity to capture what we can’t see – yet. And the usual way we use words is woefully inadequate. We need a new language for this emerging now. One which doesn’t try to put us in control, but alongside.

Perhaps time is more like water


I’ve been wondering if the prevailing notion of time as a measurement isn’t serving us well. We think of time as a unit of existence or resource that can be spent or wasted. Which leads to huge pressure to use it efficiently. Therefore, we feel like we’ve failed if we don’t. And because our language … Read more

Feasting on colours and so much more


Bramble leaves are the first to change colour. I love the richness of the hue. It makes up for the months of being snagged by thorns! And here, in mid-September, we seem to be coming into an abundance. Yes, the glut of blackberries, many left for the birds and alpacas to munch. And the arrival … Read more

Out of sight


How we see the world is framed by our understanding of how things are. And in turn, that is reinforced by the language we use. Suzanne Simard provided a brilliant demonstration of this in her conversation with Krista Tippett for the On Being podcast this week: Forests are wired for wisdom. In talking about her … Read more