On developing our inner knowing of time

Close up of violet flower

I’ve loved the exchange of stories and insights that this week’s thread on ‘waiting’ has provoked. My Irish farmer friend, Ciarán Duggan, sent me this: I used to wear a watch and found it was needed, then something went wrong with it and found that it wasn’t required! As I rely on my internal sense … Read more

The knowing in the waiting

Fine fleece in the wind with raindrops

Caroline Harvey summed it up well – ‘she just knows’ – in response to my musings on our resident Canada Goose waiting for her goslings to emerge. Yet, I suspect we are out of practice regarding this kind of knowing. We rely on external mechanical prompts to remind us of things we have forgotten how … Read more

What colour is love?

Close up of the inner bud of a camellia after rainfall

Yesterday, I wandered around the valley in the welcome sunlight, listening to the birds and delighting in the emerging colour. And pondering the question: where is the love that will not let us go? KNOWING LOVE Is love a colour, a scent or a tone;can we remember its sound,feel its presence in thecracked places of … Read more

Each are known by name…

group of alpacas on the green path in the trees

Most of the time, we don’t struggle to remember the names of our alpacas. It’s not only how they look but how they behave and interact with each other. Their ‘names’ are merely the moniker we have given them so we remember who they are. But they know. And they know each other. In the … Read more

So, how do you know?

cluster of ripe and unripe blackberries

How do you know when the berries are ripe? Or when it’s time to cut the hay? And when do the fledglings know it’s time to leave the nest or the goslings leave the lake? Or the leaves start to turn, and the fungi push their fruiting bodies into the air?  It’s not a knowing … Read more

Standing at the edge of time


Recently I’ve been conscious of being on the edge of time. We have never been where we are today and need fresh eyes to see it properly. In this space, words from ‘A few miles above Tintern Abbey’ by Wordsworth, quoted by Bob Leckridge, have lodged with me: While with an eye made quiet by … Read more

Coming home to yourself again


This lovely poem by Derek Walcott has many layers. Sit with the one that is drawing you and come home again. LOVE AFTER LOVE The time will comewhen, with elation,you will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirrorand each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat.You will love … Read more

What do we do when we ‘know’?


What do we do in our places of knowing? Those things we are sure of or have confidence in. Do we go and find something else to add to our collection? Or might we sit with our knowing until it becomes our unknowing? Probing its soft edges and letting them unfold. Until they mellow into … Read more

Knowing that there is an after


At Easter last year, we looked ahead with pandemic weariness. The hoped-for respite didn’t last long, and our confidence in the future was a little shaky. In this context, my friend Andy Hunter from The Presence Project commissioned a blessing that would speak to both our collective experience and the marking of this particular season. … Read more

Knowing kindness


I first heard this poem and its origins several years ago and waited patiently for the right time to share it. Today, Good Friday 2022, seems to be appropriate. KINDNESS Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth.What you held in your … Read more