How to ‘tell it slant’ with kindness

View through the trees to sunlight on the sloping field

Delighting in the generosity and wisdom of poetry. TELL ALL THE TRUTH BUT TELL IT SLANT Tell all the truth but tell it slant —Success in Circuit liesToo bright for our infirm DelightThe Truth’s superb surpriseAs Lightning to the Children easedWith explanation kindThe Truth must dazzle graduallyOr every man be blind — + Emily Dickinson, … Read more

Delighting in a different kind of beauty

View across the lake catching the dripping of raindrops from the willow

Wandering in the murky in-between at the end of the afternoon and thinking about where we get our deepest needs met… SOUL HUNGRY Where do we gowhen hungry for beauty.To the place of limelightand gatherings of the glamorous,or the environment of lovecultivated by little acts of kindnessand the one-of-a-kind ripplesgifted by a rain-drenched willow.What feeds … Read more

Being aware of the hard edges

Close-up of raindrops on flower head and stem

There are too many hard edges. Lines that determine what is in, and what is out. Definitions without the nuance of both/and. Language that requires us to make choices about how we think. And puts others into boxes that separate. So what if we softened the edges with kindness? And infused our language with love? … Read more

Perseverance with kindness

Close-up of alpacas standing together in the woodland

Perseverance can be a severe-sounding word. A ‘grit your teeth and get through it’ stubbornness. But what if we embraced the softer side of perseverance by being present with kindness? I appreciated this gem from Kevin Kelly in Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier: Whenever you have a choice betweenbeing right … Read more

On exchanging little gifts of kindness


This is what a frog looks like when they’ve been hoicked out of a steep-sided plastic water bucket (great for alpacas but not for frogs). The encounter reminded me of other gifts exchanged on Friday. During an online conversation, a friend asked a simple question that stayed with me over the weekend. It unlatched windows … Read more

Compassionate seeing from the edge


Showing someone that you see them is the greatest gift you can give. This powerful quote is from Digby Scott, a wise and insightful change-maker from New Zealand. I look forward to his weekly musings, knowing they will refresh and stimulate me and remind me of our humanity. The story behind this phrase is delightful. … Read more

Knowing kindness


I first heard this poem and its origins several years ago and waited patiently for the right time to share it. Today, Good Friday 2022, seems to be appropriate. KINDNESS Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth.What you held in your … Read more

Listening for what’s not there…

What is not said can be as important as the words uttered. This is listening beyond language. But are we quiet enough to hear? To notice and sense whether this is an invitation, or a sign to tread very carefully indeed… So let’s listen with generosity and kindness, respecting space and exercising wisdom with care. … Read more

December 2019: Kindness and generosity

Between 20th and 31st December, I have chosen a Quiet Disruptor post from each of the months of 2019. I hope this walking reflection on the year helps prepare us for 2020… December – the last chapter of our story for 2019 – full of grace, stillness and presence, remembering that we are part of … Read more