Where the wind blows


In this little corner of South West Wales, after the rain comes the wind. And wind is extraordinary. You can only see it by its impact, the way it changes whatever is in its path. How the still body of water becomes a turbulent landscape. Or the way normally sedate and stately trees dance in … Read more

What are we listening for?


I wonder, what are we listening for? Is it the calling of our name in the middle of a crowd? The sweet pleasure of being seen amidst the others. Or is it the echoes of the earth? Reminding us that we are part of a time that stretches way beyond what we can see. Perhaps … Read more

Discovering joy in unexpected places


Rebecca Solnit is a writer, historian and activist. In a conversation with Krista Tippett in 2016, they talked about her work giving voice to the untold histories of redemptive change in places like New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “When all the ordinary divides and patterns are shattered, people step up to become … Read more

What would make you smile?


I wonder, what would make you smile? Is it specific people, places or ideas? Or everything and anything depending on the when and how? What we bring to the moment as well as what the moment holds. These are some of the things that made me smile as I walked up the green path in … Read more

Joy in a broken world


Listening to ourselves, each other, and this amazing yet broken world takes time and patience. We can close our ears and pretend not to hear. Or receive the gift of joy. It’s our choice. INVITATION Oh do you have timeto lingerfor just a little whileout of your busy and very important dayfor the goldfinchesthat have … Read more

The surprising gift of sadness


Did you know that holding sadness enables us to feel another’s pain? It’s called compassion. Because without compassion, our threads of connection are weak indeed. And therefore, we also lose out on joy. What a stunning cycle. Hidden in plain sight in a world that only wants to hear individual positivity. ~ Susan Cain’s new … Read more

Finding our joy again


I’ve been waiting a few weeks until it felt autumn enough to share Gideon Heugh’s playful poem from Devastating Beauty. And from here in the valley, I think the time is now: LINES FOR AUTUMN Leaves make their golden turnunhurried,then in cooler airwaltz to the damp groundand in sweet-scented crowdmake happinessfor wellington boots. Maybe not … Read more

Finding moments of joy


Even if we’re not at the sharp end, these times are tiring. That’s the reality of the strange and unpredictable space we currently occupy. So where’s the joy? It’s unlikely to be found in the big occasions because everything is muted and scaled-down. And it probably isn’t in breakthroughs. Because the knotted tautness that connects … Read more

The gift of contentment


Faced with yet more torrential rain and water cascading off the mountainside, my friend Alistair Duncan – another multi-talented artist – suggested I tackle the gift of redistribution. At that point in time, he was more than happy for someone else – in fact, anywhere in need of water – to have what was sloshing … Read more