Choosing the long way round


Picking up the heavy bag of alpaca feed, I had a choice. Climb straight up the steep field and over the fence, or take the track that traversed the hillside. I’m glad I chose the track. It gave me time to unwind from the pace of the day. Time to notice what was going on … Read more

Why don’t ducks need maps


Have you ever seen a duck with a map? Me neither. Yet they get where they want to go, usually in the most direct, ducklike route. It sounds like an absurd question, yet what about us? Maps tell us where we or others have been. They chart what is known. But they can’t create a … Read more

Walking in the now but not yet


Do we get so caught up in the destination that we forget to be here? Yet this is the only place we can ever be. One foot in front of the other, even in the darkness. And waiting. Not the stuck kind, but the expectant, hopeful sort. The kind that trusts that we can see … Read more

The challenge of retracing our steps


When we try to retrace our steps, it often isn’t like we remembered. What we started out to do has changed. It has moved from a destination we thought we could describe to a journey we’re enrolled in. From an objective to an action. A becoming rather than a possession. And this changes us.

Waymarks in the dark


Waymarks aren’t always what we think we’re looking for. And certainly not when we’re in the dark. We’re searching for neon lights, a big sign that says ‘here’. When perhaps it’s a whisper in the shadows, a leaf turned upside down or a star in the sky. ~ My current fascination with darkness is arising … Read more

Being here now – which way shall we face?


Being here now in this place, at this time, we have choices. We can look behind and try to find our way back. Or we can find comfort in the now. And block out the consequences of what we do or say because it’s not our responsibility. Or we can face the uncertainty of the … Read more

Now is the time to pause


We need to pause when we cross a threshold of endings and beginnings. Even if momentarily. Not because of indecision or reticence but because this is a significant step. Endings are important. We are not in charge of their timescale, yet we must honour their process. And likewise, birth rarely comes to order. Yet the … Read more

Who do you need alongside?


“There are probably other incredible souls who will change your sense of what’s possible and will change your life in such beautiful ways, that are still out there, that we have yet to meet.” + Ai-jen Poo, labour leader, organiser, writer and leading voice in the women’s movement Who are you open to seeing?

Travelling together


Travelling together isn’t easy. We pull in slightly different directions, our attention caught by varied interests. Or slowing down and speeding up at different rates. Our imperfections flapping around in the breeze like tattered flags, evident to all. Especially us. Yet we choose to walk together, investing in gold to mend our cracks. Because we … Read more

Reflecting on the paths we create


The paths we create are probably not the ones we thought we were making. We start out thinking of a direction and an endpoint. And on the way encounter beauty, ideas and people we hadn’t expected. Along with challenges, questions and a kind of reality that creeps up on you unawares. So we have a … Read more