There will be peace when… midweek Pause for Peace

Moving water tumbling over stone slabs

I hadn’t heard of the Dutch writer Etty Hillesum before reading Gideon Heugh’s poem. Not a saint nor a martyr, but a human being standing in a place of unutterable paradox of evil and beauty. Who understood it was our inner world where peace is cultivated. Let’s pause… THERE WILL BE PEACE WHEN(after Etty Hillesum) … Read more

On being bringers of peace

View across the tumbling water to the reeds.

To be bringers of peace, we have to be carriers of peace. Yet, this isn’t something we can put on like a coat or a mask. However beautiful. So, how and where do we replenish our reservoir of peace? Yesterday, I turned again to the farmer/poet Wendell Berry to reset my heart. THE PEACE OF … Read more

The softness of the homecoming


Coming home to ourselves is not about the shame of having gone away. It is a compassionate welcome for the essence of who we are that can finally flourish again. John O’Donohue captures it well: TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF May all that is unforgiven in you, Be released. May your fears yield Their deepest … Read more

Opening ourselves from the inside out


Have you noticed what causes your inner being to rise to the surface? Like the new growth around the valley, it isn’t the same for everyone. Yet we don’t realise this unless we pay attention and recognise that each of us has something distinctive and beautiful to share. This lovely violet opening in the sun’s … Read more

Revealing the beauty inside


A tree is not just a tree. In the same way, a person is not just a person. From the outside, we cannot see the full beauty inside. If we spend time in their company, we might have a sense, but this will only be part of the story. Amazing. Isn’t it? ~ The waveform … Read more