A more colourful way of seeing

Ragged and nibbled buttercup resembling a butterfly

On this journey across the thresholds of life, what if we were open to seeing more expansively? What if the world was not as narrow or fixed as we often believe? And what if metaphors are visual as well as in words? What might you see, and where could this take you? Imagination is colour … Read more

Unfurling the possibilities of imagination

purple felt with off-white lines and images

My friend Caroline Harvey loves words. Not only does she help people gain confidence in using their voice in public speaking, but she also collects words you can eat… Caroline asked me to contribute to her online collection following Saturday’s post: It’s time for a few good words. ALCHEMY I love the beautiful, creative magic … Read more

A moment happened


This is the lovely phrase an Irish friend used on a call yesterday. “A moment happened.” Were we there? Not exactly, but his lyrical storytelling held us in the moment. And even if we couldn’t smell the vast Californian redwoods or hear the scamper of the deer, we were there. At least in our imagination. … Read more

What do we see with our eyes closed?


Seeing in the dark takes imagination. So what do you see with your eyes closed? And where does your imagination take you? Perhaps we’re so used to switching on the light that our ability to see differently has diminished. Or we fear what we might see and don’t go there. Yet this is often the … Read more

It takes imagination to ask questions


Who asks questions? Most often, it’s the little ones. And the big little ones who haven’t bowed to the pressure to grow up and conform. Yet if we don’t ask questions, we don’t believe that we or the world could be different. And that takes imagination. ~ This week’s On Being Podcast with adrienne maree … Read more

The gift of wonder


Do you ever feel a pang of disappointment when someone says ‘Oh, I know all about that’, and closes the conversation down? It might be because you feel belittled as if your contribution doesn’t count. Or equally, it could be because you feel a tinge of sadness in the presence of a closed mind — … Read more

Opening our imagination to possibilities


Our imagination is awesome. Through it we can shape and explore possibilities that don’t yet exist. We can feast on wonder and delight in curiosity without limits. Yes, facts are important but they don’t lead us there. “Possibilities are always more interesting than facts. We shouldn’t frown on facts, but our world is congested with … Read more

The possibility of possibilities


Imagination offers the possibility of possibilities. Wonder opens doors. ‘Imagination never pretends to know it all. It never demands or claims an absolute standpoint, but it always relishes and celebrates the fact it is on the threshold where it cannot see everything. The kind of knowing that is in imagination is knowing through exploration. It … Read more

and words fell to earth


The day the moon landed… The daythe moon landed,and wordsfell to earth. They gave usmeans of dreaming,shaping imaginationand telling stories. Exploring what welong for,and what weglimpse within. Bypassing theroadblocksof our fearand defensiveness; and openingour hearts withnew songsof hope. Yes, singing, but not solo, tuning with emerging harmonies. Can you hearthe words,and learn thelanguage? The daythe … Read more